UP RERA resolves close to 90% of complaints. Know how to file complaints on the UP RERA website and more!

A lot can go wrong for people looking to invest in the property market in India. Not so if the real estate you are interested in belongs to Uttar Pradesh in general and Noida Ghaziabad in particular.

Roaring Success of UP RERA:

UP RERA has earned itself the reputation of being the most effective RERA authority in all of India with a close to 90% redressal rate of complaints. As per the latest press release issued by the UP RERA; 42,000 of the total 47,000 complaints registered from May 2017 to December 2022, have been disposed of.

To give you the context, 40% of the total Indian real estate grievances originate in the state of Uttar Pradesh. And to be this effective despite having so much burden speaks volumes about the efficacy of the authority. In contrast, we have Odisha RERA which pretty recently conceded its inability to redress complaints in the given legal framework.

What is behind the success of UP RERA?

UP RERA has been quite stringent against errant developers and promoters. And this has helped in reigning in realty frauds and discrepancies in the state giving much-needed relief and confidence to investors. Just a few weeks ago, UP RERA warned 18 real estate promoters for non-compliance and is now going to blacklist them and freeze their account. Once blacklisted they can no longer build or promote any new construction. In addition, an additional penalty can also be levied to compensate homebuyers.

The good news is none of them are from Noida and Ghaziabad. And that reflects well on RERA efficacy in minimizing frauds and discrepancies in NCR – once infamous for most of the complaints

What is RERA?

For those uninitiated, it is mandatory for developers to register their real estate projects with the RERA authority of that particular state. Upon registration, they are allotted a RERA registration number which has to be used at all times in matters of sales, promotions, and advertisements. Any deviation from the rules and be ready to face the consequences.

How to find project details on the UP RERA website?

Visit the official website of RERA UP: up-rera.in

Scroll down the homepage until you see the search tab under the “Important Links” section.

You can see here various navigation links such as Registered Project, De-Registered Project, Registered Promoters, Registered Agents, Withdrawn Registration, etc. Click on the one you seek and you will get the list of all projects/promoters/agents registered with the state authority.

How to check out UP RERA registered Projects?

You can search by typing the RERA number of the project. In case you don’t have it, search by the name of the developer, or just the project name.  

How to check UP RERA registered Promoters?

Just type in the name of the promoter and submit the displayed captcha and you will get the information you are looking for. Alternatively, you can also reach the details via the Registration Number of the Promoters if you know it.

How to check out UP RERA Registered Agents?

Looking to know if a particular agent you met last week is registered with the authority or not?

Just type their name with the given captcha and search. If they are genuine, their name will show up on the official RERA website. Otherwise, avoid them like plague for they are fake. Alternatively, you can also search for a list of all registered agents by tehsil and district.

How to file a complaint in UP RERA?

Go to the official website of UP RERA. It’s available at up-rera.in

Scroll down to find the Complaint section.

You get two options here: Register a Complaint and Complaint for Compensation. Click whichever one that serves you the best.

Fill in and submit all the details required and wait for the UP RERA authority to get back to you.

How to check the status of your complaint on the UP RERA website?

Go to up-rera.in

Look for the ‘Complaints’ tab on the navigation bar present right at the top of the website. From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Complaint Status’. Submit the ‘Complaint Number’ with a captcha and you will see the current status of your Complaint on the screen.

Point to Remember

Before you proceed to buy any property in UP or elsewhere in the country, it’s advisable to also check out the list of deregistered projects to be on the safe side. If it’s important to know about where we are investing, it’s equally necessary to know where we should not invest.

You can check out the entire list of deregistered projects from the official website. Just scroll down to the search tab under the “Important Links” section and click on the deregistered project.

RERA deregisters a project for extreme violation of rules and guidelines set by RERA.

How can I connect to UP RERA?

You can contact UP RERA at the following numbers:

Head Office, Lucknow: 9151602229, 9151642229, 0522-2781452.

Regional Office, Greater Noida: 9151672229, 9151682229, 0120-2326111

Wish you a happy home-buying experience! 

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