Benefits of Investing in a Studio Apartment

Those of us working in an environment away from home, are well aware of the studio apartments. Overseas, such apartments are referred to as ‘multipurpose rooms’ which are equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. However, in India studio apartments also possess a hall. These apartments prove to be excellent options for young professionals and young families looking for an investment option.

Investing in a studio apartment has multiple benefits. Some of the major benefits of owning studio apartments are given here below:

Good price appreciation potential

Studio apartments are likely to have an excellent potential for appreciation. These apartments are increasingly becoming popular, especially among the young professionals and their families. Additionally, with lesser amount of housing options, investors are looking for investment in studio apartments. In Delhi NCR, according to a news report; it has been noticed that these types of apartments have good potentials for price appreciation.

Studio apartments have high rental values

When compared with the area provided in studio apartments, they have a much higher rental return. These apartments being fully furnished with better, bag in higher rental than an average 2BHK apartment. Moreover, the location of these flats is very strategic. For example: Supertech North Eye. Located strategically in Sector 74, Noida; this project possesses extraordinary studio apartments which are well equipped with excellent features and detailed perfection.

Studio apartments teach you to de-clutter

If you are plan on moving into a studio apartment, you are forced to declutter your present home. Decluttering helps you move with lesser stuffs and makes your home a lot more hassle-free. As a result, you will realize that only necessary things should be taken.

A Second Home for your children

Projects like Supertech North Eye would save you a good amount of money, if your children are coming to study in Noida. Firstly, due to its closeness to all major infrastructural facilities, this would save both cost of travel and time taken in travelling. Secondly, the project would save you money paid for rent, since it is a second home to your children.

At Wealth Clinic, we have some exclusive deals on Supertech North Eye, if you’re interested in investing. The prices of the studio apartments range from Rupees 44 lacs. Our immaculate sales team can help you out. For more information, you could contact us.

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