Vertical Garden – Smart Way to Add Greenery at Home

Vertical Garden – Smart Way to Add Greenery at Home

The Vertical garden has revamped the idea of gardening at home. Those living in compact homes or apartments in India usually wonder about how to set up vertical garden at their place. So, if you are also looking for some vertical garden design idea then this blog post is a must read:

  • Hanging Vertical Garden

Decorate the fence with a few nicely decorated flower pots. Spray paint the earthen flower pots in bright colours and hang them in contrast combination. This is an ideal vertical garden for a home with open spaces, particularly on the boundaries. This type of hanging vertical garden not only restrict the unwanted view and offer home a nice and beautiful look.

  • Start from Scratch

Create a beautiful vertical garden by using the old wooden planks or the boxes. Pierce the wooden plank/box into the wall and plant some herbs. This is a perfect vertical garden for the kitchen as you can always add freshness to food direct from the little farm. However, do not forget to align the seeds and pour water to maintain moisture in the plants.

  • Magnetic Vertical Garden

Design an unusual vertical garden at your place and having magnetic planters is the first thing. To have a magnetic vertical garden you require some metal boxes, for example, chocolate box, spice box and more. Now, simply adjust the magnet to the wall and attach the metal box with it. Put in soil and plant any floral of your choice.

  • Classic Style Vertical Garden

Get some shelves fixed into the wall and place small flower pots on the same. The shelves can be hanged in a linear position or a non-linear manner. Consider the length and breadth of the room and then design these wall shelves to put a beautiful vertical garden.

  • Label Vertical Garden

If you plan to have some exotic plants in the vertical garden then don’t forget to label them. This will offer an exquisite look to the vertical garden of your home. Try using transparent jars as planters as they five home a smart touch.

  • Set the Frame Right

Are you bored of putting up the old-fashioned frames on the wall? Not anymore because you can use them as the vintage vertical garden. Put on some bright and glossy colours on the frames and hang them in the porch or the lobby area.

Figure out the best option that suits your home décor and give a refreshing look to the living paradise. However, you can figure out a vertical garden design of your choice by taking a clue from the above-mentioned best vertical garden ideas.

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