Vastu Dosha and Its Ill Effects

Vastu plays an essential role in balancing the different cosmic forces in one’s home, and in terms, the homeowners’ life. Vastu Dosha or Defects in the Vastu can have harmful effects on the homeowners. Some ill effects of the Vastu Dosha are being given here below: 

Uttara (North Direction)- The North direction is associated with the financial well-being of your household. Defects related to the Northern direction in the house could cause lack of adequate finances, unexpected rise in expenses, poverty, loans, etc. Vastu states that the residents should make sure there is no untidiness in the house. Moreover, the homeowner should ensure that the bathroom is not located in the northern direction. Vastu experts advise that a kitchen should not be located in the northern direction. Presence of a cut or an extension in the construction in the north direction could also cause Vastu Dosha. 

Purva (Eastern)- According to the Vastu Shasta, Eastern direction or ‘Purva Deesha’ is related to receiving recognition, health issues, as well as strained relationships. Therefore, a Vastu compliant home should always possess open areas which attract natural light, especially at dawns and early part of the day. Moreover, experts advise homeowners not to keep the eastern direction of their homes untidy and free of clutters and unnecessary extension. Further, it is advisable to have stairs, bathroom or kitchen and/or high walls; to balance the energies in the home. 

Paschim (Western)- Vastu guidelines state that you should avoid having broad windows, bathrooms, staircases and high walls on the ‘paschim’ or western direction. The Western direction is associated with health-related to heart, issues related with wealth, and overall wellbeing. Non-compliance with Vastu principles can cause chest diseases, suffering and despair, poverty, etc. 

Dakshin (South)- Vastu forbids building septic tanks and/or sewage disposal plants in the ‘Dakshin’ or southern direction. Bad effects of a negative ‘Dakshin’ direction can lead to problems related to legal clashes, job-loss, dearth of fame and eye-related health issues.

We’ve stated only some major ill effects of moving into non-Vastu compliant homes. We would like to introduce you to a variety of Vastu compliant homes registered with us at our Wealth Clinic website.

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