Turn Your Extra Room into a Music Room

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”-Plato (Ancient Greek Philosopher). If you love music and have a craze for musical instruments and an extra room, you should definitely create a music room for yourself for your daily “riyaaz” or practice. A music room gives you dual benefits in which you find peace in which you can practice music and be in peace with your neighbour.

4 DIY Tips to Turn Your Extra Room to a Music Room

We’ve got some DIY tips to convert your extra room to a music room.

Robust Colour Schemes

Music is often a means of communicating your inner voice externally. a music room harmonizes with the ambiance for the rest of your home and becomes an inviting place to jam in, with friends and/or family. This is where using proper colours is advisable for your music room. If you’re more into Indian Classical Music or other forms of eastern music, tranquil but robust colours like cream, what, light blue, etc. are pretty commendable. For western music, strong colours could suit better. Depending on the ambiance of your musical taste, decide on the colours.

Personal Studios

Home recording software is speedily gaining popularity. With this software, musicians are preferring their own personal studios. Studios require 2 zones. The control room with a recording and playback equipment and a live or performance room.  Therefore, you need to divide the room properly. If you use a divider to divide the room, a popular form would be a glass one with an opening in the form of internal window. In case the room isn’t as big as you’d want it, using a sound baffler or a heavy drape to demarcate the 2 spaces. Using a carpet would help deaden the sound. But do take note of thee colour so that it gels with the room’s colour scheme.

Musical Instrument Racks & Stages

Stringed instruments like a Sitaar, Tanpura, Veena, Saarang, Harp; require racks to be kept in. You could select from a wide choice of wood (teak, cherry, pine etc.) depending on the kind of ambiance that goes with the room. If you have guitars, you could choose to hang them on hooks. For instruments like tabla or drums, use smaller desks or even tables. Keep in mind, the room’s colour combination. If you have a stage, go with permanent stone-built one or a wooden one. Take into note that it should be strong enough to help a performer stand or sit on it.


The reverberation of the music can easily create problems and could prove to be bad for the ears. That is where you need to use acoustic deadeners. Sofas, chairs scatter cushions, etc. act as excellent auditory deadeners. These easily gel with the home decors and are flexible enough to be moved from one place to another. The furniture proves to be excellent if you like playing music with others.

Using an extra room in the house for music not only is aesthetically sound as an option, but also is a good way of projecting the creativity. If you’re looking for buying a home in Noida extension which are spacious, we at Wealth Clinic have some excellent deals in Rise Sports Villas.

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