Top Reasons to Invest in The Commercial Real Estate in Noida

The ever-increasing property prices in well-known regions of India have led multiple investors to turn north, especially NCR. The best perks to investors at this point in time is Noida among other regions, of the NCR. With top-quality infrastructure, well-planned roadways, and a growing corporate presence, Noida is becoming popular for investors, both; within the countries and NRI. The fairly moderate prices of Noida Commercial properties assure the best returns and a good appreciation percentage, on a yearly level. These are some reasons why Noida Commercial Real Estate investment is gaining ground.

If you’re considering a commercial real estate investment, here are a few reasons to why you should consider Noida:

Progressive Infrastructure

Excellent infrastructure is one of the major factors that affect investment in an area’s real estate. The major infrastructural incentive of the Government is the proposed project, the Jewar Airport. The above project will bring in a great boost for Noida city. As a result, future commercial development is to be expected which would finally bring in more commercial real estate investment opportunities. Moreover, the proposed mega-infrastructural development, namely; the film city to be located near the aforementioned Jewar Airport, be expected to raise the investment opportunities in Noida and the State of UP as a whole. While the proposed film city will further augment, the Mathura-Vrindavan-Agra tourism belt. The film city will impact the commercial real estate industry in Noida due to the cropping up of production houses and their associated companies; who would like to set up offices in this area. An Anarock report stated that the prices of property in Noida are round about Rs.4,795 per sq. ft.

Metro Connectivity

One of the major benefits of Noida as a location lies in its metro connectivity with Delhi. While Noida is devoid of major train tracks, it is well-connected with Delhi via metro. At present, Noida possesses three major Metro Rail routes that solve loads of problems related to logistics and transportation; like Blue Line and the Magenta line which links Noida with Delhi, and the Aqua Line with most parts of Noida and Greater Noida.

Commercial Asset Class & Upward Moving Commercial Realty Investment Trends

According to what was said by Ajay Rakheja, the national head of 360 Realtors; the commercial realty sector has been witnessing an upward boost with the increasing number of investors have been showing interest in this sector, as a result of the higher income groups have performed comparatively better than the mid-income groups over the years.

Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor to Benefit Noida 

The tedious logistics and transportation cost pertaining to commercial movement is projected to be lowered with the final development of the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor (DMIC). DMIC is expected to promote Noida and its neighbors as smart cities. It is also aimed at housing a wide variety of companies and professional education providing schools which is a hotspot for young emerging professionals thereby, generating important employment openings. Moreover, DMIC would prove to connect major states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Further, DMIC is projected to be a hub for premium manufacturing units. Finally, it is also a project to have a “Housing for All” mission.

Presence of the Top Companies & Schools

Major IT companies like HCL, Ericson, Xerox, Wipro, and other international companies are present in the Noida-Greater Noida belt which makes Noida, a haven for commercial real estate investment. Moreover, the presence of top schools like Amity university; produces young adult workforces which creates employment opportunities, resulting in the boom in commercial real estate. We may well conclude, there are multiple reasons why you should consider investing in the Noida commercial real estate.

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