Top Reasons for the Growing Popularity of The Vastu Shastra

Atharva Veda, one of the four pillars that founded the knowledge system comprises of a part named ‘Sthapatya Veda’.  In ancient India, the science of building and architecture was confined, only to the architects, known as the Sthapathis. The science was passed on through word-of-mouth and/or through hand-written books. But why? Vastu Shastra is important even for us Moderns of the 21st century because its dogmas are time tested over thousands of years. The temples dedicated to deities and palaces dedicated to kings, were built based on the dogmas and precepts of Vastu Shastra.

Recently, an upsurge in the popularity of Vastu compliant homes and office spaces has been a visible trend. Here are a few reasons to why:

  • Firstly, while the young adults of this generation are looking for peace and harmony through spirtuality, they have realized that there is a need for themselves to re-explore the classical literature of Ancient India. Vastu provides certain principles that are used to balance and/or harmonize the cosmic energies and filling the homes with positivity.
  • Secondly, the ‘uttar purva kona’ or North East corner of your house is auspicious. A Vastu compliant home can make you relaxed and thus helping you meditate and become relaxed, bringing in inner peace.

Finally, another benefit that Vastu Shastra has on a home is that it generates spiritual bliss and happiness. In a home with an east-facing window allows cool breeze to enter into the home on hot summer days, helping you to ease out after a long busy day. Vastu Compliant homes with east facing windows can also help revive your mind, body and soul; casting off negativity.


The benefits that Vastu Shastra has on the overall wellbeing of the home owner, has made Vastu compliant homes grow in popularity, especially in the you adult families. If you’re looking for a perfect Vastu-compliant home, we at Wealth Clinic can help you out.

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