Top ideas to decorate your home with mustard tones

Have you ever given it a thought on experimenting with your home interiors using mustard color? This vibrant color is again making a big hit in the interior design world. A cheerful burst of mustard color can transform your tedious room into a welcoming place. 

Here’s how you can smartly use mustard tones to spice up your interiors:

Mustard color ceilings: Have you ever thought of coloring your ceilings using mustard color? Painting the ceiling with the mustard color can add energy to the room. This is, in fact, a great choice if your wall colors are white with neutral furniture and adding this color on the ceiling will accentuate your room.

Mustard wallpapers: If you are bored with your tedious walls you can experiment using mustard wallpaper. For instance: a pattern like a leafy texture mustard wallpaper can add warmth to your room. Using wallpapers in the room will make them visually more appealing especially if it’s a mustard color. A mustard color wallpaper can spruce up your room and create an appealing ambiance. 

Mustard furniture: Incorporating mustard color in your furniture can spark up your home. Upcycling a piece of furniture can also be a great way to experiment with stronger paint colors like mustard. There are numerous options in which you can use mustard color for instance:  a yellow couch or sofa can be the centerpiece of the room. Even a mustard colored carpet can accentuate your room.

Experimenting with the walls: If you have kids at home you can use this color in your kid’s room as this color will give a sunshiny glow to the walls. If you want to give a quirky look to your living area but don’t want to overdo with the walls painting a section of the wall can be a great way to give an earthy and modish look to your living area.

Mustard with neutral colors: You can also incorporate mustard color to the room accessories, for instance, a mustard yellow couch will steal the show. You can also use neutral colors in your living room and incorporate mustard color in accessories like a coffee table, pillow covers, lamps etc.

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