Tips to make your home senior citizen friendly

Tips to make your home senior citizen friendly

Do you have any elderly citizens at home? With old age comes a myriad of issues, from poor eyesight to feeble muscles. To ensure your home is safe for them to live, it is imperative to make your home safer and livable for senior citizens.

Here are some essential tips to make your home senior citizen-friendly:

Avoid dim lights: A good lighting is essential in the house to avoid any mishap especially during the night. With age, our eyesight tends to get weak that might result in poor visibility ultimately resulting in accidents. Replace the old dim bulbs with bright bulbs or lamps. Installing motion sensor lights in the front and back doors and along the driveway is also a good idea to illuminate the dark spaces to make it easier for the elders to navigate.  

Make bathroom fall-proof: A Bathroom is a place where the probability of falling or slipping is high because of the slippery floor. Always consider installing an adjustable bathroom shower head along with a bathtub seat so that one can shower from a safe seated position without falling. Also install handrails on both the sides to make it easy to hold while getting up.

Make floors anti-slippery: Slippery floors can result in accidents and to avoid such incidences, one must adopt safety measures. Replace the carpets and rugs with non-slip mats as they are made of rubber that helps in reducing the chances of skidding, especially in the bathroom and kitchen area.  Always remember to check the staircases and don’t forget to install handrails on both sides of the stairs.

Here are some quick and effective tips that can make your home elderly-friendly:

·        Install handrails wherever possible in the house

·        Install doorknobs that are easy to use and can be handled by the senior citizens

·        Place plug points and switches at a lower level

·        Make sure all the fire alarms in the house are functional

·        To increase the stair visibility, install contrast strips

Fire safety measures is a must: Installing fire safety features is a must especially if you have senior citizens at home. Install smoke alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers that can be operated at the time of any fire hazard.

Kitchen Safety: To avoid bending and crouching in the kitchen area, ensure that there is easy access to the items. Convert to glass cabinets and open shelves for easy accessibility to items while cooking in the kitchen. When installing kitchen appliances make sure they have easy to read manuals that can be operated without the help of any third person.  

With the advancing age, there comes an increased sense of responsibilities for the older people in the family. It is our sole responsibility and duty to look after the senior citizens and in order to ensure the home is safe enough for them to live a healthy life it is essential to adopt safety measures.  

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