Tips to decorate corners of the living room

Tips to decorate corners of the living room

Do you think that the living room corner is the most complicated part to decorate? If yes, then scroll down the post and know the tips to decorate the corners of a living room.  Always remember that the home décor is a reflection of your personality. Hence, be selective while picking up the decorative items for corner at home.

  1. Go Green

Plants are the best to elevate the look of a living room corner as it incorporates freshness in the atmosphere. You are suggested to put up a cluster of small ferns as they have an appealing look. The symmetrical size of the greens adds dimension to the room. If possible, also hang an air-purifying plant so that you can breathe in the fresh air.

  • Reading Space

Add style to your book reading experience with the corner decoration furniture. The placing of a wing chair and a small closet gives an impressive look to the living room corner. The addition of a floor lamp is also one of the corner decoration ideas for living room.

  • Picture Gallery

A picture gallery is a stunning idea for corner decoration at home. So, get the photographs printed horizontally and vertically and cherish the happy moments in a living room. The hanging of a portrait picture or an abstract painting in the corner can also give a refreshing look to the entire area.

  •  Work Space

Do you wonder where to sit and work at home? If yes, then this corner decoration idea is just for you. Get a piece of wooden plank fixed in the corner and start working. Keep some stationery items and books handy. The placing of a plant aside will give a refreshing feel every time you sit to work.

  • Corner Closet

Give home décor an entirely new look by designing a compact closet in the living room corner. Get a graphical design printed on the closet door and keep the guests gushing over this smart corner décor idea.

  • Hanging Chair

This home décor idea is not just limited to the garden as the hanging chair adds class to the interior design too. Get a swing chair placed in the living room corner and relax on the same while sipping coffee. Get a soft furry rug placed in the hanging chair and unwind yourself.

  • Curvy Sofa

The corner of a living room must have an enthralling look. Thus, a curvy seating arrangement is perfect for this space. A seamlessly tailored velvet sofa and round-shaped cushions give a million-dollar look to the corner area.

These are some of the best tips to decorate the living room corners in 2020. However, you can always give a personal touch to home décor by customizing these corner décor ideas. Also, do consider the wall paint and space before selecting the corner decoration idea.

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