Real Estate Woos Digital Marketing

Since late 2016, online home selling has been gaining popularity. More real estate bigshots in the brokerage sector, are using digital marketing in large numbers. On the other hand, several developers are also using social media to reach out to their targetted customers. Social media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Dating back to 2009, Tata Housing Developing Company was one of the first developers to have adopted digital marketing since 2009, for its projects The Promont, located in Bangalore and Arabella, located in Gurgaon.

Real Estate & Digital Marketing- What Unites Them?

Cost Effective:

It’s a known fact that real estate projects take up a lot of money, and digital marketing performs the tasks of reducing the costs lesser than the mainline marketing. Consequently, the real estate business is taking absolute advantage of the benefits of Real Estate market.


In case you have a customer database that is linked with your website, whenever one of the targeted customers visits your website targeted offers. More properties they book online from your, the more you will be able to refine your customer’s profile and then market efficiently to them.

Social Media:

Homebuyers are connecting a lot less than they used to, to ask questions on properties. These days a new trend has come up in which they go over to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to connect with the agents, brokers and developers.


PPC advertising is an outstanding business strategy if you’re looking for something to produce new leads on the basis of the ads which you pay for every time your ad gets clicked on. PPC is an excellent digital marketing tool for real estate experts seeking probable clients who may sincerely be attentive in their contribution, as they only pay when somebody clicks through their ad.

Virtual Tours:

New forms of digital marketing enable you to showcase deals in absolutely newer ways like virtual tours. With the ongoing pandemic using virtual reality, you can showcase a home as a successful digital marketing strategy. Not only these pieces of video content generate revenue 49% better for marketers but also a possible client can get a clear view of what they are about to purchase.

With the pandemic yet in force, it is quite justifiable that clients would prefer buying homes while maintaining social distance. With Wealth Clinic, you no longer have to worry about face-to-face meets. We can arrange all of that online. Until we have a concrete vaccine against the pandemic, let’s maintain the social distancing norms.

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