Prepare for Delhi NCR Summers with Home Upgrades

With the receding winter winds and the departure of the season of chills, Delhi NCR is slowly moving towards its second season, ‘Summer’. As Delhiites we’re all familiar with the horrific heat waves that plague, both Delhi and its neighbouring cities. Imagine days when you’ve got a load-shedding and it’s your day off! One day in the week!  All you wanted was a peaceful weekend with your family or just a day to rest and rejuvenate! To put an end to all problems related to Delhi summers, we have a few upgrade tips you could consider for your homes, to make it breezy and more ventilated.  

5 Summer-Friendly Upgrades to Your Homes

Courtyards with Greenery

Indoor courtyards are something quite beneficial when you want your home to be cool and well-ventilated with natural sources. These courtyards are spaces where hot air rises and cool air is trapped. These courtyards are located centrally which ensure that there are more internal spaces to benefit from the freshening effects.

Thatched Roofs

Thatched roofs are wonderful options if you’re looking for something that allows interior air to be cooler for a longer period. Air pockets present in the thatched roofs provide beneficial insulation facility, which keep the interiors cooler for an extensive period of time. Thatched roofs also radiate additional heat, rather than absorbing it, as in case of concrete roofs.

Central Waterbodies & Greenery

In Kerala, many old houses have a tiny little lotus ponds. The ancients understood that these provided cooling effects. Traditionally people also had gardens on the courtyards that provided with similar effects. Since evaporation from water bodies is increased during summertime, it produces cooling of the adjacent areas. Placing plants, trees and garden shrubs, that are placed near doorways and windows; provide cool air to enter the home. Since they let moisture out as a part of their normal processes, they tend to keep the homes cool.

Summer-friendly Curtains

To have interior temperature cool, opting for sheers and cotton curtains with white and pastel shade would be a wise thing to choose. Using curtains or layering with your windows having jute screens and bamboo shades also add on to cold temperature. Nevertheless, it is prudent to abstain from using dark synthetic drapes.  These tend to increase the internal heat. Curtains made of open weave materials permits the room to respire while sifting in light idyllically.

Terrace Gardens/Green Roofs

Gardens are wonderful means of keeping a home cool. Green roofs or terrace gardens can be built within a period of 30 to 40 days. These gardens involve planting vegetation of wide varieties. These plants could also be medicinal in nature which could also be beneficial to in-dwellers’ health. To maintain green roofs, you need to water and weed, plants on a regular basis.

This summer, let’s welcome some plants and greenery in our homes along with some cool air with the help of some indoor water bodies. Whether it’s the green roofing or courtyards or indoor ponds, keeping your homes cool is a very important task, especially in Delhi NCR. However, are you looking for a new home in Delhi NCR? If you are, Wealth Clinic has some excellent deals for you to take a look at!

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