Positive Implications of 2021 on the Real Estate Market Investment

According to Asia-Pacific Real Estate Outlook 2021: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Recovery’ by Knight Frank, the rental value of Bangalore related properties is forecasted to rise while NCR is expected to have its rental values stable. Irrespective of the continuing pandemic, the Indian warehousing segment is anticipated to remain reasonably less wedged due to a strong rise in e-commerce related demand. The report predicts that the demand will grow from $70 billion in the Financial Year 2019 to an appraised $160 billion by the year 2022. Further, the growth in India’s online retail sector has been at 13% Y-o-Y in the current year. In the month of October, the demand has been majorly from the warehousing sectors in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru. The rental values here have been strong and are expected to remain unaffected for 2021. However, along with the commercial segment; the investment opportunities in the residential segment also seem promising.

4 Top Reasons to Why You Should Consider Investing in Real Estate, in 2021

In 2021, it is expected that multiple job opportunities across different sectors will lead to a rise in the migration of the working class to the major cities. Therefore, demand for ready-to-move and rental properties are on the rise.

Flexible Reuse of Unwanted Retail Spaces, Hotels, and Office Space

Converting many commercial spaces into more profitable ones can provide a more comprehensive investment opportunity by adding value to the same.

The Ready-to-move-in Properties

Lower prices have made the ready-to-move-in real estate, budget-friendly along with free car parking space, pre-EMI payment facilities offered by builders, and more. This dip in price(es), low rates of interest, and lowering in stamp duty make real estate investment a feasible option although; some robust fundamental investigation is needed prior to purchasing.

Regulatory Changes to boost investment opportunities for NRIs

 Regulatory changes which include the usage of GST and RERA, have made the real estate market more unbiassed, fetching in better accountability as well as transparency. Apart from these, investing in commercial properties seems feasible with extensive lease periods and guaranteed continual income.

Due to the above-mentioned facts, considering all such opportunities of real estate investment would be highly prudent a thing to do in 2021. In case you are considering a real estate investment in 2021, we at Wealth Clinic would love to help you out. Contact us over any of the means given here: https://www.wealth-clinic.com/contact-us

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