Office Décors – The Feng Shui Way

Did you guys know that interior decorations can drive in or drive out positivity? Let’s talk about the Chinese Feng Shui concept. Feng Shui dates back to Ancient China, involving creation of space that is tuneful with the environment. Feng Shui literally translates to, “wind-water”. Therefore, this philosophy aims to maintain a harmonious flow of natural energy to maintain positivity in your office or home. Feng Shui involves usage of colours, things and layouts to create a favourable tuneable ambiance.

Having said that, there are certain benefits of decorating your office according to the principles of Feng Shui. Some of which are being stated here below:

  • It is important to place your work station or your desk to be placed in a position where the entry and exit of people is easily visible. This is called the ‘Power Position’ which ensures commercial and financial success. In case you have no other alternatives than to sit with your back to the door, hang a mirror to view the door.
  • Feng Shui suggests that the second thing to consider while decorating the office, is the furniture. The primary furniture of any office is the desk. According to Feng Shui, the desk must have even legs, well repaired, with no shaking. The ideal desks are made of wood due to its sturdiness and being made natural raw materials. Wooden desks with two drawers with either walnut or white colours, are ideal for your office.  
  • Interior decors of your office space also play a significant role in harmonizing energies in the office space. Choosing the right colour for your office space depends on the kind of work you do. According to Feng Shui, the colours affect the productivity.  While white or pastel reflects creativity, green is the symbolic of growth, black with money and purple with clarity.
  • Placing plants in your office is another home décor that gels with Feng Shui. A succulent plant garden in a wooden trough and red and purple flowering plants are excellent for office Feng Shui. Money Plants are also good way to decorate the office space with a Feng Shui perspective.
  • Hanging inspiring art is a beautiful , yet effective Feng Shui décor which ensures your office space is endowed with positivity.

Office space decors with a Feng Shui perspective not only creates a beautiful ambiance, but also does it harmonizes positive energies, ensuring the wellbeing of your work-space.

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