Know What is a Completion Certificate and its Importance

Know What is a Completion Certificate and its Importance

Completion Certificate is an essential document that every homebuyer must ask for during the home buying process. Often known as CC, this document is important to acquire for the developer and the owner. If you think paying timely EMIs is the only thing to focus on, then go through this blog post and know the importance of the Completion Certificate now.

What is a Completion Certificate?

A Completion Certificate states that the respective building or a residential structure is constructed according to the building bylaws. The document also states that the developer or the property owner of an independent property constructed the building according to the sanctioned layout.  The Completion Certificate is important for the owner and the developer to enable civic facilities like cooking gas, water supply, drainage system and electric connection in the unit.

Importance of Completion Certificate

It is mandatory for the developers and property owners of the independent homes to obtain the completion certificate from the concerned civic authority. The Completion Certificate is a compilation of various details related to property. The property details mentioned in the Completion Certificate includes building location, quality of construction material, distance from road, distance between the neighbouring buildings, etc.

A completion certificate is a guarantee that the building is safe to reside in. The developer/ property owner gets this document by the civic authority after receiving a fire safety clearance, environment-clearance and more.

Provisional Completion Certificate

An aware homebuyer asks the developer for a Completion Certificate. Thus, the developer can get a provisional Completion Certificate released from the civic authority. This document has a validity of six months but can be disclosed in case the realtor has to offer possession. The provisional Completion Certificate is made when the buyers ask for property possession even when the last-minute work is yet to be completed.

After the completion of six months, the developer has to file a fresh application to obtain the Completion Certificate for the said project.

Why Completion Certificate is Important for Homebuyers?

The buyer invests his/her hard-earned money in property and thus it is his/her right to have all the necessary documents related to property. A building without the Completion Certificate is believed to be illegal and the residents of the same are not eligible to avail basic civic amenities like electricity, water, drainage and more. Thus, you must ask the developer to provide a Completion Certificate of the property before giving the token money.

In case, the developer refuses to provide you with the Completion Certificate then the buyer can approach the RWA i.e. the Resident Welfare Association or the concerned civic authority to receive the same. The absence of a Completion Certificate can penalize you and can also restrict you from availing the basic amenities. So, don’t hesitate to ask for a CC before completing the home buying process.

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