Is Your New Home Vastu Compliant?

Developed in ancient India, Vastu principles are rooted in the movements of the energies, the balance of which creates a positive atmosphere in the home. Therefore, the aim of a Vastu-compliant home is to seek a balance in these energies. It is important, as a result; to take a look at the compliance with the Vastu principles, pertaining to your home, especially if you are moving into a new one.

It takes years of sweat and hard work to move in to a new house. All your hard-earned money is put into the house and your loved ones make the house, a home! However, what if your home generates negativity instead of positivity? That would be devastating right? We’ve made a short checklist of a few Vastu-related things for you to watch out for, prior to buying your new house.

Vastu Tips to Watch Out For, Prior To Buying a New Home

  • The first thing to consider is the entrance door. According to Vastu, your entrance door should face North, east or north-east direction according to Vastu. It should be decked with religious symbols, which attract positive ambiances. It is also advised that you hang a silver string at the entrance to avoid bad impacts of the defective Vastu.
  • Second thing that you need to consider yourself with, is the living room since this is the first room that anyone visits after they enter the house. Again, according to Vastu Shastra; the living room should be built facing North, North-east or East or North-west direction. Massive or big furniture needs to be set in either west or north west direction of the living room. If the electronic appliances have been installed or have been placed, should face west, to cut pout the negative impacts of bad vastu at bay.
  • Thirdly, consider a home where your bedroom faces the Southwest. This is because Southwest direction, according to Vastu is linked with good health, prosperity and good relationship between couple.
  • Fourth, kitchen is an integral part of your home. Vastu principles states that your kitchen should either be located either in the south east direction or north west direction. Not following these principles could hamper relationships.
  • Fifth, Vastu Shastra states that ambiance created by interior decors can also impact the energies of your home. Therefore, you should choose paints which are basically bright in nature. (eg. Orange, yellow, coral; etc.) Moreover, use bright lights to lighten the home and avoid using dim lights. You should also avoid placing a mirror close to your bed, especially at the foot place.
  • Finally, it has been an ancient tradition, supported even in the Vastu Shastra that you should move into a new home on an auspicious time and day, taking heed of the same mentioned in the traditional Indian calendar, “Panchanga”. The ancient text is also clear about sacred rites being performed prior to your final moving into the home, to do away with adverse forces and energies.

To Conclude

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