Investing in Indian Real Estate- A Beginner’s Guide Book

Real estate investment is a fantastic step to attaining much-desired financial freedom. A person desirous of earning a steady & consistent passive income, he/she should definitely start investing in real estate. In this write-up, we’d like to present a few tips on how to invest in the property market without having a big sum of money.

Purchasing money mortgage or seller financing could be a good start

The first most effective way of investing in the real estate with no cash is via seller financing. In case a person cannot secure funds from the bank, obtaining real estate financing from a seller, would be the smartest means to start. With the usual transactions, the buyers provide cash to the sellers, so as to get the possession of the property. However, if you’re taking a purchase money mortgage, the seller extends finances to you. Later, you’ll have to repay the sum according to the terms you had agreed upon.

Real estate via lease option can be beneficial

The next most feasible way to invest in the real estate is through lease option under which owners of a particular property charges the buyer, a monthly or an annual premium, in the form of a high rental costs.  The surplus rental fee will then be channelled to the purchase price. With this legal agreement, the investor is able to purchase an investment via a slightly high rental pay.

Real estate cash flow income works like a pro when it comes to investment options for beginners

This category of real estate investment option emphasizes purchasing a real estate property, (e.g. an apartment building) and operating it, to collect a large number of funds from tenant rent. Cash-flow income can be created by a wide variety of real estate apart from the apartment buildings. These include commercial spaces like storage units, retail establishments, office buildings, and also such places as rental houses.

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