Interior Design Trends For 2021

How about redefining your home in 2021? While keeping the health-related home upgrade themes constant, you can consider some trendy interior design ideas that cool people are following.

Trending Interior Designs

2020 called for a change in the way people behaved. With many people’s attitudes on life-changing during 2020, many people would wish to bring in some new changes in their homes. Here are a few interior designs you could go for in 2021.

Rustic Yet Sophisticated

Using organic material to decorate homes is something that has been majorly popular over the years. However, post-pandemic it has gained even, more grounds. While this form of the interior design works with older homes with panelled walls with exposed beams, it can also be re-created with a balance between the new and old materials. One of the most important raw materials for this design is reclaimed wood which is grainy in nature and has a distinct texture.

Adding Artwork to Bring Out A Positive Feel

The innovative arts and crafts trend is embracing the traditional 19th-century trend that dates back to the industrial revolution. More people are appreciating hand-made ornamental styles which seems to continue to 2021. Since lockdowns and social distancing are still the norms, we can expect people getting more creative. This creativity is what is expressed in this trend.

Cottagecore- Celebrating the Rural with The Eyes of Generation Z

Paula Sutton, influencer & blogger of Hill House Vintage has said to Homes And Gardens (a popular Home interest magazine in the UK) that with the memories of the events of 2020, Cottagecore (an internet trend that Vox calls “the aesthetic where quarantine is romantic instead of terrifying”) will be carried forward to 2021 by many home designers and owners.

Neutral Wall Colours Are the New Favourites

With home centred lives to be carried forward to 2021, people seem to love having home walls decked with neutral colour tones. These tones or wall colours to be more precise are meant to be slightly bold in colours like some of the more fashionable eras of the 18th and late 19th Centuries.

Lighter Wood to Glorify the Furniture

People are looking positively to lighter shades of wood colour, be it Scandinavian blonde or rustic light oak, to replace the erstwhile favourite; medium and darker colours.

“Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams” is an old saying and designing your home is something that takes a big place in your heart. There are many ways we at Wealth Clinic could help you get that perfect home with all your desired amnesties. Call us or visit us, we’re happy to help you out.

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