Important Vastu Tips to Consider before finalizing a Dream Home

Important Vastu Tips to Consider before finalizing a Dream Home

Every homebuyer has an imagination of how his/her dream home will look like. Thus, considering Vastu Shastra tips for buying a new house is believed to add positivity inside the abode. A regular homebuyer does not hold expertise in the traditional science of architect and thus here we have listed few Vastu tips for buying a new flat.

  1. According to Vastu Shastra, a person’s life gets affected by the kind of energies around. Thus, the Vastu tip for buying a home suggests you finalize a new property instead of buying a resale property.
  2. The home structure according to Vastu Shastra suggests a home/flat/plot in square or rectangle. Any other shape cut the flow of positive energy and thus a homebuyer should avoid buying a property designed in a zigzag shape.
  3. The main gate of a building is considered to be the main entrance. The Vastu Shastra for buying a home suggests a residential property with an entry gate in the North or North-East direction is auspicious. The entry gate of a home should not face towards the South or West as they bring harmful UV rays inside the abode.
  4. If you plan to build a residential property then consider Vastu tip for home construction that suggests not to have a common wall with the neighbor. A common wall is believed to host mixed energies and that is not a good thing.
  5. Vastu for home suggests you leave the center area of a home void. Thus, you must not build a room, washroom, kitchen or any other arena in the middle of a house.
  6. Vastu for home suggests you avoid buying a home/apartment with a kitchen designed in the NorthEast direction. A kitchen designed next to the washroom indicates faulty Vastu as this kind of layout brings illness inside the home.
  7. Having a tree aligned with the entry gate is believed to be inauspicious as it restricts professional growth. Although, having open space in the front of a house is believed to be good according to Vastu Shastra as it opens a pool of opportunities to grow and prosper.
  8. Vastu Shastra for home suggest you design kids’ rooms either in NorthEast or in NorthWest direction. Both these directions bring in ample sunlight that is good for young brains.
  9. The Vastu Shastra for constructing a home suggests you design windows and balconies in the east direction. This is the direction from where the sunrises and having a window or balcony let you absorb positive vibes.
  10. Vastu for home suggests having a master bedroom in south direction.

Keep these Vastu Shastra tips for home in mind and choose a residential property that has ample of positivity. Living in a spacious and vastu-friendly home help a person excel in all spheres of life. So, look for Vastu-friendly residential property and enjoy a life full of happiness.

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