How to make your home pet-friendly?

How to make your home pet-friendly?

Are you an animal lover or planning to bring a pet in your home? Owning a pet is a big responsibility and just like human being’s pets also need a safe and comfortable environment for a living. A pet can turn your home upside down and creating a stylish home which is pet-proof isn’t always a cakewalk.  

By understanding your pet’s requirement, you can pet-proof your home with these easy tips:

Safeguarding your home décor: Most of the pets love to cuddle with the pillows or sit on the couch, there are chances your furniture might get damaged. Pets need space to roam around and as they grow; they tend to increase in size especially if you have a dog or cat at home. Make sure your home has ample space for the pet to wander around. Avoid furniture with light color tones as it might become difficult to get rid of the stains, instead, you can go for stain-resistant furniture. 

Go for tile flooring: If you have pets at home always opt for tile flooring instead of carpet as such materials aren’t durable enough to withstand damages caused by pets. Go for ceramic tile flooring that is resistant to stains and scratches. Another way to get rid of the stains is to train your pet so that they do not spill the floor with their urine. You can also put door stoppers so that your pets do not get hurt by swinging on the doors. Avoid using jute rugs as cats and dogs can easily mess these rugs, instead, always try opting for tile flooring as it makes it easy to clean the stains.

Keep a separate sleeping space: Create a separate space for sleeping or where your pet can get ample space to play around. Make sure the place is well equipped with water, food, toys, and a comfortable bed. In case you have a guest at home who is scared of dogs or cats your home should have a designated place where you can keep your pets to avoid any hassle.

Grooming is essential: Regular grooming of the pet is essential as it helps in keeping the surroundings clean and free from dust. For long-haired pets, grooming helps to prevent mats from getting stained which can be difficult to remove and for cats, grooming can prevent hairballs.

Special attention to windows and balconies: It is imperative to give attention to windows and balconies if you have pets at home. Especially if you own a cat, they love to swing on the window most of the time which might be dangerous for them. To keep your pets safe you can install window screen, which is a thin mesh made of plastic wire stretched in a frame of wood or metal. Furthermore, if you are living in an apartment especially on the top floor there are chances your pet might jump off from the balcony. You can also get your balconies covered if you have a mischievous pet at home.

Pets are like kids who love to roam around, cuddle and mess up things they come across. These tips will help you transform your home into a safe environment for your pets to roam around.

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