Home Design Experts on The Post Pandemic Home Design Trends

Home design is a topic that everyone loves talking about. Whether it’s the new home owners or the renovating home owners, we love making fashionable home design changes from time to time. However, the ongoing pandemic has brought in some changes in the concepts of home design. In this write-up, we would like to present some of the trends as mentioned by renowned home designers.

The Design Principal and co-founder of Studio Lotus (a renowned Delhi-based interior designing company), Mr. Siddharta Talwar commented recently that under the present times of the pandemic, homeowners will have to re-examine and re-define their residential designs. Spaces such as balconies, terraces, and also, verandas serve an important role to establish a connection with nature. This necessarily maximizes health and mental wellness due to better fresh air intake, the better reaching of daylight, and regulating the complete air movement.  Further, says Mr. Talwar; the pandemic has challenged the very basic characteristics of flexibility as well as space-planning in the home. With work-from-home scenes, the presence of a study or a “home office” needs to be included.

Manisha hakim, the associate & Head of the interior designing department of Urban Architects has commented that an activity-oriented area in the home would also be a top priority of any home. These rooms can either be a home gym, a home spa, Yoga rooms, playrooms, and more. Usage of lighter colors with microbe-resistant paints is also gaining popularity.

Hygiene, health, and wellness are to be the new norm, in the post-pandemic home design. We at wealth Clinic have an excellent sales team that can help you with all real estate consultations. How about a chat? Contact us now!

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