Know What is a Green Home, its Benefits and Components

Know What is a Green Home, its Benefits and Components

Nowadays, people are getting aware of the green living surroundings, as poor air quality and various health issues are creating chaos. Thus, the concept of a green home is introduced in the Indian real estate as it gives buyers a chance to own a residential property amid a green and clean environment. So, before finalizing a property deal, know the benefits of living in a sustainable housing project. But before that know what is a green home?

Definition of Green Home

A green home is also known as a sustainable home. A residential structure built with eco-friendly construction material and consumes minimum energy is known as a green home. The green home is a one that uses renewable energy like solar power to generate electricity, trees within the vicinity to experience fresh air and more.

Advantages of living in Green Home

Easy on Budget – The major benefit of buying an eco-friendly home is that your monthly utility expense comes down largely. The installation of solar panels on the roof, ensures ample power generation to run various electrical appliances at home. Along with this, the installation of the rainwater harvesting system also fulfills the daily water requirement of a family. Thus, the power & water bills amount lesser than before.

Breathe in Fresh Air – The chance of having a respiratory or breathing problem is low, if you reside in a green home. The proper ventilation system, use of chemical-free wall paints, adhesives, sealants and more create a bacteria-free environment. The presence of air-purifying plants in the garden and open area circulate pure air. Thus, breathing in fresh air is a key health benefit of buying a sustainable home.

Easy to Maintain – Owning a green home means lesser maintenance costs as the construction material used in structuring a home won’t ask for maintenance over a short duration. For example, the use of flyash bricks in the construction of home increase the age of the property. This is also a major benefit of buying a green home. Similarly, the leakage-proof system control moisture generation and protect the home from termites that can largely damage a living structure.

Positive Living Environment – The fresh blow of wind and the sufficient daylight coming inside the abode also bring positivity. This is another major advantage of buying a green home as the direct sunlight coming in through the windows curb the wetness and keep the living area dry. 

Main Components of Green Home

Landscape Architect – You must have heard this term and have imagined an urban forest. Interestingly, the imagination is close to reality, as the green homes are designed to have a lush green area. The trees not only maintain the flow of fresh air, but also provide shade to enjoy the sunshine during the winter season. The greens also provide an open area for kids to play within the residential premises. This is one of the main components of sustainable home.

Thermal Roofing – Many projects have HVAC system i.e. high-voltage air conditioner to control the temperature. But thermal roofing is an intelligent system that restricts the roofing material from over-heating. Thus, the room temperature stays steady and you are not required to change ACs temperature again and again. 

Proper Water Management – Another essential component of green home is systematic water management. The installation of a rainwater harvesting system, borewell and use of recycled water are other main components of a green home. These techniques are best to store water as it can be used in for flushing in the washroom, can be utilized for watering plants and grass in the garden area.

All these features and benefits of a green home make living structure a perfect place to reside and relax with the loved ones. Other than these, the large windows, lesser carbon emission and insulation enhance the quality of sustainable homes.

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