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Over the past decade, India has observed significant growth in the real estate sector. However, numerous reports show that the development pertaining to real estate during the next 20 years would be many-fold higher. This means that most of the building stock in our country is still left to be built. With the global climate changing every day, loads of people are breaking the traditional form of homes and are building homes that are eco-friendlier. In fact, greater awareness of this form of housing is becoming common all over India.

What is a Green Home?

Making a comprehensive switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle can be a pretty long leap, especially since we’re so accustomed to modern mechanical living, and over-dependence on technology. However, sometimes you’ll need to take the baby steps which prove to be the only answer. In fact, evidence to this very facet of taking smaller leaps, are some of India’s unique eco-friendly houses. Some of these had taken numerous years of planning. However, these homes have established themselves to be worthwhile, over the years.

A Green home is an environment-friendly building that is designed, built, and operated to diminish the disadvantageous impacts of using harmful components in the common building raw materials. Using practices such as reduced energy consumption, water conservation, and recycling of waste; are some key elements of having a green home.

Benefits of a Green Home

Building green homes has several benefits. Some of these are mentioned here below:

  • The primeval benefit you can expect from owning a green home is clean indoor air. Since sustainable home builders go green on the raw materials, they used to build their green homes, they tend to use environmentally-friendly paints, glues, sealants, etc. that are sustainable and produce fewer chemical emissions. Not only do these natural materials benefit the environment, but also are they good for the homeowner and his/her family. Breathing in toxic chemicals generated by the non-biodegradable materials can be dangerous to one’s health and can exaggerate respiratory problems such as asthma and indoor allergies.
  • Sustainable homes possess purer ventilation systems that help improve the indoor air quality, thereby; making it easier for the homeowners to breathe and create a healthier living milieu for the owner and his/her family.
  • Finally, an important advantage that sustainable, or green homes have is that it is a bagger of great ROIs. Buying a sustainable or green home is also a good long-term investment. A green home will require a lot smaller number of utilities, thereby cutting down the cost and are much wiser investments as they incline to have a higher resale value than common homes. Should you decide to sell your home, you will probably find that it is a lot easier to sell and that you could get a better price for the home, as a result, it being a sustainable home.

According to certain researches, sustainable homes can have energy-savings within a range of 30 to 40 % and water conservation to a degree of 20 to 30 % over normal homes. We at Wealth Clinic, support these new changes in the Real Estate industry. Going Green on homes is an excellent way of preserving the environment. Stay tuned for our next blog on how this concept has been utilized in the Bengaluru reality environment.

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