Essential things to look for during your site visits

What is the maintenance cost, what are the amenities offered, are there any pre-approvals for the loan by bankers are the common questions that might arise when purchasing a property? To know the ground reality of the project site visits are an absolute must if you are considering purchasing a property. 

Earlier when RERA was not implemented home buyers used to blindly trust the builders without crosschecking the builder’s credibility. But with the implementation of this regulatory authority developers can no longer fool around with the buyers through misleading advertisements and false promises. Site visits give the buyers a ground reality of the project instead of blindly spending their hard-earned money on the property.

Here’s what you must check during the site visit to make the most out of it:

Construction Quality: The most essential thing to check during a site visit is the construction quality of the project to ensure that all the quality materials are used. If the builder is experienced you can check the construction quality of its previously completed projects. Being a layman, it is difficult to understand the structural design of the building. The only option is to seek help from an expert who can give you an unbiased opinion about the construction quality of the project.

Check for the safety features: During a site visit you mustcheck for the safety measures such as fire-fighting systems, emergency evacuation, power back facility. Also, check the size of the stairway and ensure that it should be spacious enough for the people to run in case of an emergency. Another thing that you must check is the security system of the project for instance: are there any CCTV camera’s installed, are the security personnel well trained, are the fire alarms functional etc? 

Verify the amenities: During the site visit, you must check whether all the amenities are operational or not especially if it is a ready to move-in project.

The essential questions that you must ask the builder during the site visit include:

  • Is the elevator functional?
  • Does the building have a power backup facility?
  • Does the project have any commercial complex?
  • Is there any maintenance staff?

Check the progress: As a buyer, you must check whether the construction work is in progress as per the scheduled time mentioned in the agreement by the developer. Especially if the builder is a new entrant you must go for regular site visits whenever it is feasible for you. This will give an idea of whether the builder will be able to deliver the project as per the promised time. In case the construction progress is delayed and you find something fishy, you can always lodge a complaint against the builder.

Check the legality of construction: make sure the developer has all the legal documents. You must ask the builder the essential documents before investing in the project to avoid making any wrong property decision. Some of these documents include building approval plan, commencement certificate (for under construction project), occupancy certificate (for ready to move-in project).

With a large number of developers dealing with multiple projects at the same time, there are chances the construction quality might get hampered. Buying a home is a big financial decision and especially when it comes to the safety of the family you must be completely sure about the project you plan to purchase and site visits are the best way to ascertain the authenticity of the project.

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