Easy hacks to summer-proof your home

With mercury level rising day by day our dependency on heat and cooling units is gradually increasing. The struggle is not only limited to the outside heat but the intolerable heat that gets trapped inside the house eventually resulting in overheating your home when the temperature starts soaring.

Ac uses a ton of energy that can burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some easy hacks that can help you heatproof your home and save your energy bills this summer:

Growing plants on the terrace: Your roof radiates heat throughout the house during summers and the most effective way from preventing your roof from heating is growing plants on the terrace that can help you in absorbing the heat. You can place heat tolerant trees such as acacia, crape myrtle and indoor plants such as peace lilies, golden pathos, etc. Furthermore, you can also place window plants as they help in humidifying the dry air flowing in and around.

Switch to LED bulb: Another smart way of reducing your energy bills during summers is using LED bulbs.  LED bulbs emit less heat comparatively to incandescent lights that prevent in heat build-up. These cost-effective lights will help in keeping your home cool during summers.

Cross ventilation: The unwanted heat that gets trapped in your home can result in overheating. To eradicate this heat, make sure there is proper cross ventilation in your house. Keep your windows open on opposite ends to let the air pass easily in the morning or in the evening when the air is not too hot.  This will help in curtailing the heat trapped in your home during the day.

Focus on your windows: While preparing your home for summer it is imperative to keep a close check on your windows. Make sure the window seals aren’t broken because even a slightest hole or crack in the window can easily let out the cool air escape through the window that can radiate your home.

Curtains matter: The kind of curtains you use can make a huge difference in keeping your home cool. Make sure you have long curtains that you can easily block the direct sunlight entering your home through the windows. If you are using blinds, choose honeycomb style blinds. The shape of these blinds can trap the heat between the blinds and the glass that will further prevent it from heating up the room.

Change your bedsheets: You can replace your bedsheets with cotton as this breathable material helps in keeping you cool and dry during summers. Pick a light color sheet that can easily reflect rather than absorbing the heat during summers. 

With these easy tips, you can summer-proof your home that will not only keep your home cool but at the same time save your high energy bills during summers.

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