Easy hacks to make your home Vastu friendly

Here are some effective tips that can make your home vastu friendly: 

Color plays a crucial role: Colors have a psychological effect on the individual’s behavior and mind. As we spend most of the time at home, choosing the right color as per Vastu Shastra can bring in positive energy and help in creating a healthy environment. According to Vastu Shastra, each section of the house requires color as per its energy requirements, for instance using red, yellow and black should be avoided as these colors can disturb the energy pattern in the house.

Right mirror placement: Mirror is an important Vastu element which can affect the positive and negative nature of the energy of the place where they are placed. Placing mirrors should be avoided in bedrooms since they might affect your sleep. Avoid placing the mirror next to the bed or on the wall above the bed. According to Vastu Shastra if you can see your reflection in the mirror while lying down on the bed it will bring a third person in your relationship.

Pooja Room: A pooja room is considered to be the most auspicious place in the house. As per Vastu Shastra north-east is considered to be the ideal direction for the pooja room to bring in positive vibes in the house. If in case north-east direction is not feasible it can also be placed in the east or west direction of the house.

The entrance of the home: As the main door creates a first impression of the house, it should always be placed in the south, the south-west or southeast direction of the house. Avoid having three doors in a parallel line to the main door as this is considered to be a serious Vastu defect that can affect the happiness in the home. Always be extra cautious when designing the entrance of the house.

Kitchen Area: In order to maximize the flow of positive energies into your home and to promote a sense of well-being within the household, the kitchen should be located in the south-east corner of the home. It is also important that the kitchen should be facing towards the east when cooking food, and therefore the placement of equipment should be done accordingly to avoid any negative energies in the home.

By following these effective Vastu tips you can bring prosperity and wealth in your home.

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