Why a real estate consultancy is better than a local property dealer for purchasing property in Delhi/NCR?

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Why a real estate consultancy is better than a local property dealer for purchasing property in Delhi/NCR?

Let’s first look at the options we have when it comes to seeking property buying advice or solutions. They can be broadly sorted into three categories: 1. Friends and Families, 2. Directly from Seller, 3. Professionals like property agents, and real estate consultancies

Migration and urbanization have brought the world as much close as apart. Close – as thousands of people now live in close quarters. Apart – as we have moved hundreds of miles away from our roots in search of employment and better opportunities leaving our near-and-dear ones behind. Now cross out the first option – friends and family!

Moreover, with most of the daytime spent at the workstation and night-time with family, there isn’t much socialization needed to come directly in contact with the seller. Seller subtracted!

What does it leave you with? The third option! Which is professional like real estate consultancies and local property dealers.

But it’s more of a worthwhile service than compulsion. Especially if you opt for a well-known real estate consultancy.

Let’s know in detail how it’s a good idea to hire a real estate consultancy firm for buying homes or commercial space in Delhi/NCR – or anywhere in India for that matter.

When in doubt, trust the experts. And they are the experts!

Is the shop you are looking to purchase for your son will yield as much ROI as you hope? Or does the condominium you aspire to own merit the money the agent is asking for? Should you buy a depreciating asset at a dirt-cheap price or it’s wise to invest in residences slotted to earn handsome rentals? There are just so many doubts, queries, and confusion boggling our minds when we are going to invest in real estate.

As they say, when in doubt trust the expert!

A real estate advisor lives and breathes real estate. He knows the market inside out, its laws and regulations, its trends and finances. He has answers to all your questions. In fact, they have a large team handling your queries. From choosing the best property for you to helping you arrange the finances. From paperwork to possession, they will be with you – side by side, hand in hand! A roadside property agent has no means, will, or expertise to serve you at length.

More options; Better deals than a roadside property dealer

A realty advisor has the knowledge and connection necessary to offer you a wide range of property options suiting your needs, budget, and preferences. A local property agent, on the other hand, has a limited portfolio of property to recommend.

What makes the deal sweeter is that real estate consultancy happens to be privy to inside information. They always know beforehand about upcoming infrastructure projects in an area and make a killing with it. How about buying farmland near a planned expressway? OR investing in land near the upcoming university? Buy it in lakhs and sell it in crores! Earn rentals or profit by putting up a shop or restaurant there. The prospect is super bright!

They know the market better

A session with a real estate consultant will give you more facts, details, and information about the current condition and future scenario of the property market than reading a blog or watching a video ever will. Discover if the property market is on the upswing or downswing, what kind of assets are appreciating or depreciating, what the per square feet cost is, and the average sales price of commercial spaces you are looking to get.

Prod them further, or meet many of them with lots of questions, and you will end up unlocking the market for better deals for yourself.

A local realty agent – on the contrary – is much like an over-the-counter seller solely interested in selling you one of the assets present in his property portfolio.

You can use their Negotiation Skills to your advantage

Negotiation is a skill. The more you understand the product and market, the better you are at negotiating a killer deal. Property advisors – thanks to being in the profession for years – are masters at negotiating deals with the developer. Use it to your advantage.

Begin with talking to the developer directly and get the quotation from them. Now head to the realty consultancy you trust and tell them what you expect.

Now let these experts negotiate effectively with the developer and come up with a deal you desire. Needless to say, you can’t even expect the same from a petty property dealer.

They manage and streamline legal documents and procedures for you

There is a handful of legal documents you need to have for selling/buying/renting a property in India: be it for shops, offices, or homes. Title deed, sale deed, encumbrance certificate, completion certificate, NOC, Receipts of paid taxes and utility bills, and so on are needed for the successful completion of any realty transaction.

If you already know this stuff, it’s great. For others – that means the majority of buyers, a realty advisor does the much-needed job of document management.

Legal trouble can crop up anytime – even years after possession. Such consultancies can bail you out of trouble in such cases.

They save your precious Time and Energy:

Just give them a call or surf their websites and you’ll be surprised with how quickly they reach out to you with deals and offers. No more wasting time and energy running around for property deals. After all, who has that much time in the hectic world we live in?

A local agent hardly has a website or any online query management service!

They don’t forget you once the property is sold (read after-sale service):

Once the property is sold to you, you are on your own! This is true for almost all sellers except the established realty firms. They are the only one among all property sellers with a dedicated team of trouble-shooters. A lot can go wrong after you move into the property. No matter what it is, and how bad it is, they remain in constant touch with you till the problem is taken care of.



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