Vastu tips for kitchen, bedroom, balcony, bathroom, and more. Know cheap ways to remove Vastu dosh from your already-built home.

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Vastu tips for kitchen, bedroom, balcony, bathroom, and more. Know cheap ways to remove Vastu dosh from your already-built home.

You shift into the newly built or recently purchased home you had always dreamed of. But things aren’t as rosy or falling into place the way you hoped when you moved in with your family.

You find it difficult to save the money you earn, even when you try to…? That you are witnessing a flurry of diseases in your household piling up your medical expenses. That when you renovate one part of your house an appliance in the kitchen breaks down. That many of your business deals failed in succession or you lost the dream job you were so happy to get a few months earlier. It’s possible you are not getting along with your spouse the way you did before.

Chances are it has something – or probably everything – to do with the bad Vastu, or Vastu Dosh, of your new home.

There are five elements of nature i.e. earth, air, water, fire, and sky. Every element in nature has certain vibrations – both positive and negative – and Vastu seeks to establish balance and harmony among them. With Vastu compliance, you filter out negative vibrations while filtering in positive ones making your household healthier, happier, harmonious, and progressive. Whereas Vastu dosh, or lack of good Vastu, can act as a magnet for negative energy dooming your household for failure.

And all the beauty and luxury of your new house are meaningless if you suffer one setback after another. Here are a few tips on how to make your house Vastu-compliant:

Vastu for main entrance/door

Let’s begin with the very beginning – the main entrance or your main door. The main door of your house must face, or open in, any of the following directions: North, East, Northeast, or West. This means you are good to go (or even come) unless the door is facing southward. Having the main door in the south, southwest, and southeast direction brings in trouble, restlessness, and misfortune. 

Once you get the direction right, the next thing to right is the build. Make it bigger, stronger, and grander than other doors. There has to be a reason we call it the ‘Main’ door. Keep it clean, clutter-free, and beautiful. Put up a nameplate for good measures. 

Some Dos & Don’ts of Main Door Vastu

The door must open in an anti-clockwise manner. Avoid putting shoe racks and dustbins at the main door, unless you have no choice. Do not build a bathroom close to the entrance either. Never paint the door black, go for light or neutral shades. Keep the entrance well-lit when you are awake and dim-lit when you are asleep. Like the colour black, leaving the entrance in darkness is Vastu dosh. 

Vastu for Living Room

Living Room is where a family lives – most of the times. It’s a public place, or a meeting point, of a private home buzzing with fun and activities. That’s where you keep your TV, Home Theatre, Music System, and other appliances meant for entertainment. So it’s very important for it to be free of Vastu Dosh. 

East, North, and the corner in between – which is North East – are considered auspicious placements for your Living Room. The southeast corner is ideal for TV while other appliances will vibrate good energy in the North and West direction.

As for the wall colour scheme – avoid red and black and embrace cooler colours such as green and blue. Yellow or orange can be a good option as well. 

Vastu for Bedroom

The bedroom is your most private place. A place you share with your fear, desire, and partner. The place where you sleep off your worries and exhaustion recharging yourself for new days and challenges. In a way, it plays a great role in how healthy and happy you are. So it’s very important to take care of your Bedroom Vastu. 

Construct it in the east or north or southwest corner of your home. North-east and south-east directions are not prescribed. Even if a round or oval-shaped bed catches your fancy, be traditional and opt for a rectangular or a square-shaped bed for the sake of Vastu. 

Recommended Colour Scheme for Living Room and Bedroom

Sometimes, removing Vastu dosh is as easy as changing the colour of your wall. Yes, you heard it right. Vastu prescribes pink, blue, and green colour for the living and master bedroom. While more energetic yellow and orange colours will bode well for the children’s room. 

Kitchen Vastu

Cooking is all about Agni (fire) and Jal (water). And considering both are opposing elements, it’s all the more important to create harmony between them. The southeast corner is considered the seat of the lord of fire (Agni). So ideally that’s where your cooktop should be.  

Most appliances that we use in the kitchen represent agni or the fire element – the gas stove, the microwave oven, the toaster, and the food processor. If the southeast is not available, the northwest can serve as an alternative. Steer clear of the north, northeast, and southwest corner of the house. Cook must face the East while cooking. As for the sink, the north or northeast direction is prescribed. 

Vastu for bathroom

The bathroom helps you remain clean and healthy. Let it also wash away all the bad vibes by complying with Vastu standards. Build it in the north or northwest part. Avoid south, southeast (especially), or southwest corners. 

Make sure the bathroom does not share a wall or two with either the kitchen or the puja room. It’s inauspicious. If the bathroom is attached to the bedroom, make sure the bed is not touching the bathroom wall. If you have a window in the bathroom, it must open outward. The window can be in any direction but South. 

Similar to trends set so far, paint it in white or in lighter shades. 


Storehouse is not a dumping ground. A dirty and cluttered storehouse is a Magnet for negative energy. Keep it clean and organized. Only have stuff you will need in the future. Get rid of the rest. Discard all broken items, especially electronic ones. 

Lawn or Garden

Can’t afford a lawn or a courtyard for greenery? Go for a balcony or terrace garden. Add water elements like a fountain or an aquarium to attract calm and peaceremember to keep it in the northeast section of your living room.

Water Flow

Water flowing towards the north ensures happiness. And when it goes east, it brings financial gains. You have two handy options. Choose the direction (and benefit) you prefer for constructing your wastewater outlets and the main drainage.


Not everyone has the space, budget, and foreknowledge to implement Vastu in finer detail. Chances are you have purchased an apartment you can’t modify, or you lack the budget to alter your old house to Vastu. But that doesn’t mean Vastu is not for us or that we can’t benefit from it. Here are a few budget-friendly remedies to improve the Vastu of your home: 

Camphor Crystals: 

Get Camphor Crystals in your home to remove all the hurdles in your life and career. Keep them in pairs. Once they shrivel up, replace them. 

Pyramid Yantra and Crystal Ball: 

Place the Pyramid Yantra at the entrance of your house. They soak up negative energy. They come in stone, metal, glass, or cardboard, opt for one you like. Alternatively, you can also use Crystal Balls as they look richer and more stylish. Red Crystal Ball is used for good luck, the pink one for improving relationships, while the orange one increases money inflow. 

Wind Chimes: 

Do you think wind chimes are there just for the melody it produces? Or people have them as a good piece of decoration and a fashion statement? Nope. If you are suffering from Vastu dosh, you might want to use wind chimes as they accumulate and enhance good energy. Consult Vastu expert for how many rods there must be. The most popular ones have 6-8 hollow rods. 

Horseshoe at the Main Door: 

Install a Horseshoe at the main entrance on the outside. It attracts, and flows in, all the good energies of the neighbourhood. Make sure you place it with the ends pointing upwards, just like the letter ‘U.’ Hang it any other way and it will pass on all your household positivity to your neighbour. Be mindful!

Put up a Family Photo in the Living Room

A house becomes a home because of the family that lives in it. Hanging a family photo in the living room will enhance the relationship and consolidate bonding. 



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