Small Kitchen Renovation Hacks

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Small Kitchen Renovation Hacks

There’s an old Indian saying that the way to the heart is through the tummy. And that’s where an Indian kitchen comes in. An Indian kitchen is where ‘masalas’, ‘sabzi’, ‘meat’ and ‘mishtann’ (sweets) just unite into a classical joint family. An Indian kitchen is the heart of all celebrations in the ‘desi’ home. Celebrating life thus requires kitchen updates. In the passages that follow, we would like to discuss a few kitchen renovation hacks, you should try in 2021.

4 Small Kitchen Renovation Hacks

Dining Tables

If your kitchen is small, space becomes a serious issue. The lack of space in this area could force you to install your dining table in the living room. However, if your kitchen is small and you want to save space in the living room, place a foldable or portable table in the kitchen which can be removed post-usage.  For a portable table, you should choose a table made of lighter material that is easy to carry and that fits properly in your kitchen.

Colour Schemes

Choose a color scheme that does not make your kitchen look crowded. Therefore, we suggest you have three different colors to make it look organized.

Smooth & Streamlined Cabinets

Cabinets are an indispensable part of a kitchen. They house utensils, spices, etc. in small kitchens, however; you should add cabinet designs which are one of the most critical and defining elements of the kitchen. Substituting heavy handles and/or knobs with finger pulls or adding slim and sleek handles, with tiny knobs and/or magnetic strips which gives these cabinets a minimalist as well as the modern look, putting up a spacious look to the kitchen.

Open Shelving

Closed wall cabinets can put up an overcrowded look. Their presence makes the kitchen lack in space. However, installing open shelves provide an airier look, opens up your wall, and allows you to put up an illusion of spaciousness. Moreover, incorporating glass in the wooden cabinetry with metallic finishes as is present in modern kitchen cabinets could also prove to be valuable. You could also add a backsplash with reflective tiles and/or glass.

Small kitchens are usually very helpful! You get everything handy. Unique kitchen designs are a way to adapt to the change in the home designs and architecture of the modern world. Looking for a property to invest in, within budget? Wealth Clinic has some excellent deals to invest in.



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