One Tulsi Many Benefits: Vastu, Health, Medicinal, Religious, Home Décor and More

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One Tulsi Many Benefits: Vastu, Health, Medicinal, Religious, Home Décor and More

I grew up seeing Tulsi plants being worshipped in and around my home. “Every household must have it, she brings prosperity!” My mother used to say. And this was the time when Vastu was still not the thing every household was after. 

Tulsi has many benefits. It is considered the queen of herbs with medicinal properties. It is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicines. It repels negative energy, and insects, and helps fight common diseases like fever, cough, and cold. What’s more, you can even make it a part of a terrace garden or just a piece of home décor. 

It doesn’t cost much, in fact, you can get it for free if you ask the right person. It’s a cheap but very effective way of improving Vastu and the looks of your household. Great if you already have it. Get yourself one, or a few more, if you don’t! 

Here we are going to explain the correct way to place, maintain, and milk the maximum benefits out of this magical herb. 

Which Direction is the best?

Vastu Shastra recommends North or Northeast as the best – direction of the water element. Space constraint or other limitations? You can go for another direction of your choice except the Southeast which is the direction of the fire element. But, for maximum benefits, place the Tulsi in either North or Northeast Direction and it will help you get rid of all the negative energies and gain good and positive vibes. 

Never plant it on ground

Never Plant It in the Ground. It’s a form of deity as per Hindu mythology and it must be given the respect it deserves. Have a garden or terrace garden? Put it in a plant pot with other flora. In case you wish to worship it, better to have a dedicated elevated platform for it. The ideal height of the platform is 3-4 feet so that when the plant grows it comes up to your chest or face. 

Take proper care or be ready to face the consequences

Tulsi can provide Vastu benefits as long as it’s green, clean, and healthy. So do take proper care otherwise all the pros can easily turn into cons. Keep the Tulsi and the area around it clean and clutter-free. Make sure it gets sunlight enough to sustain itself. Dried and damaged Tulsi invites negative energy rather than attractive positive vibes. A well-kept and nurtured Tulsi plant brings peace, harmony, prosperity, and happiness to residents.

Never water it on Sunday

As per Vastu and Hindu mythology, the deity of Tulsi keeps a fast on Sunday. Watering on Sunday translates to breaking her fast and thus angering her. I am sure we don’t want that, right..??

Is one Tulsi plant sufficient? 

Every household must have one. If you want more, no problem. Just make sure you get them in odd numbers such as 3, 5, 7 or so on. If you are making these a part of your extensive garden, refrain from having any rough or thorny plants like euphorbia, agave, or cacti. 

Now let’s look at all the benefits of having a Tulsi plant in your household. 

Uncountable Health Benefits of Tulsi Plant 

Tulsi plant has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties which help protect us from various infections and diseases. It boosts your immunity and helps you fight diseases like cancer, heart disease, cold, cough, fever, and other respiratory ailments. Want healthy skin and quit smoking? It will help. Include it in your diet and reduce the medical bills you’d splurge on fighting various bacterial infections. There are many Ayurvedic and naturopathic medicines that use Tulsi as one of the main ingredients.  

Moreover, it is also a strong disinfectant with purifying properties. Womenfolk in India has used the dried leaves of Tulsi to keep stored grains safe from insects and other infectants. 

Auspicious for married and family life

Tulsi is considered an Avatar of goddess Laxmi and thus is deemed an auspicious harbinger of wealth, harmony, prosperity, and happiness in a family or household. Newly married people can worship it to develop the everlasting bond and love that the duo of goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu have.

It brings Holy Blessings

Tulsi is regarded as the favorite plant of all Gods, especially the Lord Vishnu and all his Avatars like Rama Krishna and the likes. And no worship is complete and blessings are delivered until we use it as prescribed. That’s why we include it in Puja rituals and as the Panchamrita or Prasada to distribute to devotees as holy blessings. These blessings are necessary to lead a life full of vigour, hope, health, harmony, peace, prosperity, and wealth. 

Moreover, the Tulsi leaves and stems are also used to make garlands and rosaries – an important element of all sacred rituals of life. In some parts of South India, Tulsi garland is also used as a wedding garland symbolizing purity and sacredness in the relationship. 

So what are you waiting for? Increase positive energies and shut out negative ones from your household with this for-free Vastu solution. Thanks for reading! 



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