Once again, huge bets worth billions of dollars have been made on Indian real estate by international investors.

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Once again, huge bets worth billions of dollars have been made on Indian real estate by international investors.

  • To engage in India’s real estate industry, a number of foreign investors, including Goldman Sachs, CPPIB, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), have partnerships with Indian fund managers or developers.

  • The residential and commercial markets in India are showing indications of revival, which has rekindled interest from foreign investors in the country’s real estate.

  • International investors, including Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), Goldman Sachs, and CPPIB, have joined up with Indian fund managers or developers to engage in India’s real estate sector.

  • One of the largest sovereign funds in the world, ADIA, is considering making an investment in the new fund structure from Kotak Investment Advisors. The fund will finance residential projects and developers, according to those in the know.

  • Sources claim that ADIA, which is anticipated to oversee $829 billion in assets by the end of 2021, may contribute as much as $1 billion (about Rs 7,600 crore) to the Kotak fund.

  • Insiders claim that both investors think that the recent rise in house sales makes this an excellent moment to invest in residential developments.

  • When contacted, the spokesman for ADIA refused to comment. A letter sent to Kotak received no response.

  • ADIA already has Kotak as a customer. ADIA provided $500 million to Kotak Investment Advisors in 2019 as an anchor investor for a distressed asset vehicle.

  • ADIA is a substantial stakeholder in the $1.88 billion H Care-3 affordable housing fund from HDFC Capital. In January, news of the fund’s first closure was released.

  • Reliable sources claim that during the next three years, Goldman Sachs plans to spend $2–3 billion on Indian real estate.

  • Developers from Bangalore and Mumbai are reportedly in talks with Goldman Sachs on investment platforms for residential and commercial real estate.

  • Though it has mostly done debt arrangements in real estate over the last couple of years, officials indicated that GS intends to explore both equity and loan agreements.

  • Reliable sources claim that Goldman Sachs has hired Mukesh Tiwari from Actis to head its Indian real estate sector and is expanding its real estate team.

 At this time, Goldman Sachs has not responded.

  • This week, a new joint venture to build and own commercial office space throughout the nation was launched by Tata Realty & Infrastructure and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. By concentrating on ready and development assets, the joint venture hopes to manage assets totaling over Rs 5,000 crore.

  • In March of this year, CPPIB and the Bengaluru-based RMZ firm established a second joint venture to create and manage office spaces in key cities all throughout the nation. The joint venture between CPPIB and RMZ would cost Rs 2,650 crore, according to the announcement.

  • Demand for homes, data centres, and warehouses is rising, and businesses are going back to the office. The recent creation of a joint venture between Tata Realty and Infrastructure and CPPIB resulted in large investments being made in the Indian real estate market, according to Sanjay Dutt, managing director of the company.

  • He said that the job market had been helped by India’s management of COVID, as well as a rise in economic activity and employment.

  • The managing director of capital markets at Cushman & Wakefield claims that the three REITs have a strong backstory (reality investment trusts). In addition to institutionalising the market, REITs are a strong value-creation tool for investors. “Thanks in part to this, a number of international capital pools now favourably perceive Indian real estate,” remarked Shatdal.

  • Across the nation, a lot of developers have reported strong pre-sale statistics for the current quarter’s housing market. He said that commercial leasing was between 12 and 13 million square feet in the first quarter of this year, showing a significant upswing in the industry.

  • Despite the third wave, the consulting company Knight Frank India recently revealed that the first quarter (January to March 2022) had quarterly sales of 78627 residential units, a four-year record.

  • Shatdal asserts that investors have traditionally preferred platform-level transactions for capital deployment since platforms enable investors to participate in assets throughout the development cycle, thus balancing the risk-return matrix for investors. Investors seek developers in the current market that have a track record of success, a well-managed business, and a high level of corporate governance.

  • According to the managing director of Real Estate Consultancy, India now has a mature REIT sector. Additionally, the property market has given investors a fantastic return. But COVID-19 hasn’t been the only thing that’s improved storage and logistics. The asset class of data centres is another fascinating recent development. An expert claims that Indian real estate is a fantastic investment opportunity for both local and international investors.

  • The Indian real estate market is anticipated to receive $7-8 billion annually from foreign investors.



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