Noida residents! Register your pet dog to Noida Authority or be ready to be penalized. Details Below:

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Noida residents! Register your pet dog to Noida Authority or be ready to be penalized. Details Below:

Are you a pet-owners? Do you live, or planning to live, in Noida? 

If the answer to both questions is yes, then this information is for you.  

Get your pet dog registered with Noida Authority as soon as possible. Though the last date to register was January 31, 2023, you can still do it albeit with a penalty. If you are yet to register your pet, get ready with a penalty of Rs 200 in addition to Rs 10 per day additional levy counted from March 1, 2023. The more the delay, the more the penalty. So you’d better be quick. 

The thing is there has been a constant rise in the cases of dog attacks in gated communities across Noida causing safety concerns among residents. And since dog bite is both a security and medical concern, something has to be done by the authority to minimize the threat. 

In case you don’t comply with these new rules, you run the risk of attracting severe penalties and litigations. 

So let’s find out what are these new rules and guidelines and penalties for defiance or non-compliance.

What are the new guidelines issued by the Noida Authority about pet registration?

You have to pay a yearly pet registration fee of Rs 500, renewable in April every year. Only the dogs with valid vaccination cards issued by a registered veterinarian can be registered. 

As per the new policy, pet owners cannot leave their pets outside their houses unattended. Want to take them out for a walk, use a leash – mandatorily. The municipal corporation is now going to give you the leash with a barcode containing all the details of the pet. That way, even if your pet goes missing, it will be easier to send it back to you – the owner. 

For dogs with any health issues, you are required to bring a medical certificate from a veterinarian. 

Noida Authority has provided a PET Registration App for the online registration of your pet. We will give the whole how-to later on in the article. Once registered, you can also book free medical consultations and anti-rabies vaccines for your dog. Moreover, there is a helpline number you can dial (9999352343) for medical assistance. 

As is the established practice world over, pet owner has to clean up after their pets defecate in public places. Any complaint regarding the same will be viewed negatively. In the sad event of the death of your pet, you can notify the authority via NAPR App and they will help you with disposing of the body.

Unattended pets are behind most dog attack cases in gated societies. So never leave your pet dog unattended unless you want to attract penalties and litigations. 

Chances are out of vengeance or fun someone might attack or harass your voiceless pet when they are unattended. Just file a complaint to the authority and legal action will be taken against those guilty. The objectives of these rules and guidelines are to protect both the pets and the people.

Penalties for non-compliance

You will have to cough up a fine of Rs 10,000 in case your dog bites someone. Chose not to sterilize your dog? Pay Rs 2,000 as a penalty. Pet owners found to be running a dog-breeding centre in their homes will be subjected to a fine of Rs 5,000. 

How to register your pet dogs online via Noida Authority Pet Registration (NAPR) App?

  • Download the NAPR app. It’s available both on the Play Store and the App Store.

  • Tap the ‘new registration link available on the home screen.

  • Submit all the information required such as name, breed, age, image, and date of vaccination of the pet dog. 

  • Having submitted all the relevant information, pay the registration fee through an online method of your choice. 

  • Save the payment slip for future reference.



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