Naredco MAHI will be in charge of India’s real estate change and push for green buildings.

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Naredco MAHI will be in charge of India’s real estate change and push for green buildings.

The group wants to help women in real estate by giving them certification courses and workshops.

Women in the Indian infrastructure and real estate sector are expected to lead the way as the sector moves towards more technology-based and environmentally-friendly businesses, say people in the industry at a meeting of Naredco MAHI.

It was the first time Naredco MAHI, the women’s wing of the National Real Estate Development Council (Naredco), had a convention. It was called “Realty Women – The Transforming Catalyst to Real Estate Tentative Session Agenda.”

D Thara, an official in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), said that women should play a more significant and more important role in the development and architecture of homes and cities. “It should be looked into how we can change the way the labour market works.” A woman can’t be a great mason because she doesn’t have the skills. If a woman is made a subcontractor, women who work in rural areas will feel much safer.

In the first meeting, senior officials and people from the real estate industry mainly favoured the idea that women would add a new dimension to the real estate market and help speed up changes and reforms in the industry.

As the director-general of the Haryana Institute for Public Administration, Surina Rajan thinks that women should take the lead in more green buildings, less stringent rules for compliance, and other things.

Women who work in the real estate industry should come up with new and innovative ways to help the industry grow, says Tara Subramaniam, the founder of Naredco MAHI. There is a need for practices that are both environmentally and economically sound. 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from real estate, so we can no longer ignore the issue. We need to take more aggressive steps to get green building practices adopted.

A trickle-down effect would happen if Naredco MAHI helped women workers and entrepreneurs become more powerful through its programmes. This would allow the real estate industry and the economy to grow, too.

President Rajan Bandelkar of Naredco says that women have been instrumental in changing and growing many businesses. Real estate is set to benefit from their knowledge, insights, and hard work. Naredco is a trade group for real estate.

Hardeep Singh Puri, the Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, and Dr Niranjan Hiranjani, the VC of Naredco, spoke to the event through online videos.

Perin Devi, a Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, spoke at the event. Rajeev Talwar, a former chairman of Naredco, and Alok Gupta, Naredco’s chief executive officer, also spoke at the event.

During the convention, Naredco MAHI talked about how women had a significant impact on the change in the facility management industry in India. As a side note, it also said that 2022 would be “the year of gender inclusion in corporate India.”

Naredco MAHI is also putting a lot of focus on gender equality in the workplace. Still, they also plan to do a lot more to help the pink-collar workers in reality, which are mostly the workers. Naredco MAHI intends to train at least 1,000 women each year and increase the number of skilled workers each year in the years to come.

At the convention, people talked about how important women are in real estate and how the industry should change to be more inclusive and empathetic. Even though women play essential roles in all areas of real estate, there is a big gap between the corporate sector and management-level jobs. This makes Naredco MAHI and its projects even more essential and relevant.

This is in line with the UN theme: The group wants to “break bias” in corporate structures and make work environments more equal.

The women’s wing of Naredco will start in September 2021. It has set out 10 “E”s as its primary focus areas. These are the main areas of focus: education, equality, the environment, empowerment, entrepreneurship, empathy, engagement, excellence, and ethics.

Women in real estate can take certification courses and workshops that teach them about public speaking, health and wellness, and industry best practices as part of the group’s goal to educate them. It would help women at the ground level by giving them skills-based courses in different parts of the real estate business.

India’s real estate industry has a lot of women in it. The secretary of the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) says that they can play a significant role in improving urban planning in the country. This is because the government wants to change how cities are planned. “We need more and more people who can help us plan cities to come in.” This is an area where women have more freedom. Even though a lot of attention is paid to roads, hospitals, and other physical things, “the human aspect of planning is very less,” he said.

He asked the industry to also think about the environment, water, and transportation when planning cities. When he talked about the changes in the industry, he said that stamp fees have dropped, and he said that more stamp fees need to be cut.

Gautam Chatterjee, the founder of MahaRERA, said that even though there aren’t as many women in the management of real estate companies, the industry isn’t all about men. There are a lot of surveys that say that companies that have more women in leadership roles do better.” “He also said that real estate needs to adopt technology more quickly.”



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