Griha Pravesh Pooja Checklist

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Griha Pravesh Pooja Checklist

Buying and moving into your new home has its’s own charm. It’s a dream come true for families. While in the western world, house blessing is done only once a year, during Easter; the Indian version is done as soon as one buys a home. Usually, it’s an auspicious day according to the Indian calendar. Griha Pravesh encompasses performing a pooja or prayers prior to inaugurating your new home.

5 Dos of Griha Pravesh Pooja

Auspicious Day

Performing these sets of prayers is necessary only after full possession of the house and the house must be completely inhabitation worthy. It is absolutely necessary that even your doors, windows, and other fittings are complete. The Vastu Purush along with other deities need to be worshipped. According to the Vastu Shastra, your main door is the entryway of all positivity in your home. The main door should then be decorated with garlands of marigold flowers and mango leaves.

Fixing the Home-Shrine & Idols

Make sure the temple of your home is North-East zone and it should be fixed on the day of the Pooja day. The “Sthapna” of the “Murti” or idol of the patron Deities should be east-facing.

Cleaning the Home

Cleaning the home prior to the pooja is important. It is highly advisable to mop the home with salt water so as to wash clean negativity from the home. You may also clean the home using lime juice, white vinegar, and salt mixture.

Decorate the Home Main Door

A colorful art-form, Rangoli should be made, using coloured powders and/or paints or even flower petals. Preferably, place a Diya (an oil lamp) in the centre of the Rangoli. Rangolis are the artistic invitation of the Goddess Lakshmi. A Swastika, a lotus flower, and other sacred symbols need to be painted. Also, paint the Feet symbols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha must be made.

The Havan or The Holy Fire

The Griha Pravesh is a sacred ritual, requires a holy sacrifice; made to Agni Dev the Fire God. Havan means sacrificing through fires. An ancient ritual which is said to be food for the Gods (Havishya) and for external and internal purification of the homes and other places. Performing Havan is an essential part of the Pooja.

Vastu Shastra advises that you perform the Griha Pravesh with those people who mean you well and are god to you. Having said that, how about considering an investment in a new home in 2021? We at Wealth Clinic have some excellent deals in Bangalore Real Estate.



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