Do’s and Don’ts of Staircase as per Vastu

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Do’s and Don’ts of Staircase as per Vastu

The staircase is an integral part of every household helping you move up and down the floor you are residing at. And just like there are Vastu considerations for every room in the house, the same is true for the staircase. The staircase denotes and facilitates the movement of people and cosmic vibrations. These vibrations can either be positive or negative subject to the placement and design of your staircase. 

Negative vibrations can cause serious complications like falls, mishaps, or fatal accidents threatening your health and life. Positive ones on the other hand can make your household an adobe of peace, harmony, and happiness. 

So let’s find out how to make your staircase a magnet of positive vibrations through this article. 

Keep steps in odd numbers:

The majority of people like to start and finish climbing the stair with their right foot. Odd it might sound but somehow this feels natural to many of us. Having an odd number of flights – such as 9, 11, 13 or so – in the stair will make such seamless movement possible. So if you are constructing a staircase for your home or workplace, stick to odd numbers of flights or steps in the staircase. This not only makes the movement smoother but is also a good step as per Vastu.  

The Best Direction: 

A house can have multiple staircases, some external, and the rest internal. And Vastu recommends different yardsticks for both of them – especially when it comes to their direction. Let’s first look at the recommended directions for the internal staircase. 

Best Directions for internal staircase:

The best bet is the southwest direction for an internal staircase. In case this area is not available, you can also build it in either south or west. Choose whichever of these directions you wish but do avoid building the staircase either at the center of the property or in the northeast direction. They are not auspicious as per Vastu.  

Best Directions for external staircase

Corners are considered great directions for constructing the staircase except the northeast one. Choose any of the three available corner directions such as southeast, southwest, and northwest. 

Placement of staircase

Once you took care of directions, another important factor to consider per Vastu is where you position the staircase. Avoid having the staircases at the entrance, kitchen, store room, or puja room. Otherwise, be ready for imbalance, mishaps, and setbacks in life. Have a basement in the house? Please build a separate stair for it. Having the main staircase continue right down to the basement is not per Vastu. 

Orientation of the staircase: 

Vastu recommends having a staircase that turns clockwise, as we walk up. An anti-clockwise staircase is said to impact the career growth of the residents. Bad news for folks who love spiraling staircases as it is strictly prohibited in Vastu science. 

Colour of staircase: 

Staircases are not meant only for service, there is an additional element of style to it. It’s natural for us to colour these in our favorite shades. Vastu says you must always go for light shades. Avoid dark shades especially red and black. They invite bad vibes and misfortune. Another advantage of lighter shades is that they reflect light making the ambiance well-lit. light pastel colours, white, and off-white are some of examples of light shades. 

Do’s and Don’t of using the space at or under the staircase: 

Not everyone can afford a large home, especially in metros as it’s a lot costlier to own property herein. The thing with smaller homes is that residents always look to find ways to make the most of every inch of space present there. And space at and under the staircase is one such space we tend to optimize. 

It’s normal and natural for residents to build a small kitchen, bathroom, or puja room under the staircase. Of late, we are also witnessing a growing trend of setting workstations under the staircase. Though practically these ideas are nothing short of a masterstroke for a small household, Vastu tends to differ. Using empty space under the staircase for anything other than the storage of common household stuff is strictly prohibited in Vastu. 

Even what you can store and what you can’t is clearly defined in Vastu. Don’t store cash, jewelry, and valuable items under the stair. Thinking of putting discarded items? Refrain from it as well. Violating Vastu principles will invite negative energy and troubles. 

Moreover, avoid putting decorative items such as family photos, fountains, or aquariums at or under the stair to avoid quarrels and disharmony in the family. However, you can decorate these spaces with artwork, plants, and flowers. 

Staircase Flooring 

Vastu doesn’t favor one type of flooring over others. Be it carpeted, wooden, cemented, tiled, or marbled flooring, you can opt for whatever you wish and can afford.



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