8 Wonderful Colours for Outer Walls to Go with Vastu and Your Personality

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8 Wonderful Colours for Outer Walls to Go with Vastu and Your Personality

Painting your exterior walls is as much about looking good as it is about feeling good. Not only it must go with your personality but also add value to your life. Surprising as it may sound, colours can add to Vastu compliance of your house shutting out negative energy and shutting in positive ones. 

Whether you want to paint the new house you purchased last month or just looking to give a facelift to the house you have been living in since childhood, it works for both. 

This blog will cover a range of colours for your outer walls and their unique significance as per Vastu. 


There is a reason we go green with envy. A feeling not associated with any other colour. Such is the influence of this colour that represents a new beginning, a feeling of freshness, nature, tranquillity, and growth. As per Vastu, the green colour will rake in positive vibrations around to make your household a landscape of peace, harmony, and satisfaction. It also makes your house cleaner and more pleasant to look at. 


A great choice especially for people with youthful energy. Yellow means hope, optimism, excitement, and wealth. No wonder it is the colour of gold and the goddess Laxmi. Capture all the goodies this colour comes with within your home and never let it go. 

It is also said to be the colour of authority, which is why people looking to get promoted are advised to paint their houses yellow. With so many benefits on offer, little wonder why yellow is one of the most preferred house colours in India. 


White stands for peace, simplicity, and purity. A neutral and natural colour you can never go wrong with, especially if you find it difficult to zero in on one particular colour. It’s a colour of elegance that never goes out of fashion. 

Feel your household is becoming an arena of arguments and a court of conflict? Remove all the impure energies troubling your family with a stroke of white paint. This colour goes well with inside walls as well making your rooms look bigger and better. 


In case you are looking to stand out from the crowd and neighbourhood, orange is the way to go. Orange combines the passion of red with the positivity of yellow. It’s a fun colour that burst with energy, youthfulness, creativity, and happiness. 

Make your household a den of warmth and joy by painting your exterior walls orange. Not getting along with your neighbours, will help there too. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and paint it too bright and gaudy. Keep it simple and suave to give off a classy yet charming appearance. 

Orange has religious and spiritual significance as well. Want to feel a little close to the higher being, this is the way to go! 


The colour of royalty – for it was difficult and quite expensive to produce in the era of kingdoms. So much so that only royalty could afford it. Though the cost has normalized the charm associated with it remains the same. 

Purple denotes richness, royalty, luxury, and dignity. Capture and retains the positive vibrations of ambition, authority, wisdom, pride, and grandeur within the confines of your premises with this auspicious colour. 

Want to portray your place as the palace of luxury? No other colour can represent it as well. It’s especially tailor-made for centres of hospitality. Give your guest the royal treatment they deserve with aesthetic assistance from this hue. 


Think you are one of a kind and want to portray the same individuality with your home – go for brown or brown beige colour. Brown is a heavy but natural and earthy colour that helps you be different from the rest. A colour of comfort, warmth, and wisdom; a shade of safety and security, a hue of resilience and dependability – it is the best for a person of wisdom and authority. Own a library, an office, or a house you can paint your personality on each of those and succeed with flying colours. In case you think it’s too dark, you always have the option of trying out the lighter versions of it like beige and you are good to go. 


The classical colour of romance – a tailor-made colour for newlywed couples or for those looking to reignite the passion in their relationship. Want to bring joy, excitement, and playfulness into your household, this is the colour to paint your outer walls with. Not only the walls will look attractive they will be inviting too. 

Red, especially deep and bright red, is never advisable for exterior walls. But red has its own fan base and we can’t let them get disappointed. Those can also go for pink as it is so close to the colour red with almost all its goodies but none of the ill effects. 


Whites are a little too common while black is an inauspicious and impractical colour to paint the walls with. Grey, especially the lighter shade, is the perfect and uncompromising middle ground for people who don’t want to go with other colours.

Vastu denotes the colour grey as the hue of wisdom, dignity, maturity, and sophistication. It’s easy on the eye colour which remains in fashion forever. Want to make your house appear bigger and better than it actually is – this colour will not let you fail. Being a neutral colour, you can mix and match it with other colours – bright or deep – to give a unique and stylish look.  

Young or old, individualistic or family-loving, showy or sophisticated – whatever you are; there are colours to suit your taste and Vastu requirements. Choose whichever colour that works best for you!



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