5 Vastu tips to a happy home:

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5 Vastu tips to a happy home:

Quick Vastu tips for your house: If you own a home and want to get rid of bad energy and bring in good energy, here is a list of tips you should follow.

1. Cleanliness and good use of sound

Indian tradition says that Goddess Lakshmi likes to stay in a clean house. Living in a good place can also help keep you from getting sick or feeling down.

Wind chimes in the house keep bad energy from getting in. The sound of the chimes helps to break up the pattern of bad energy and increase the flow of good energy inside the house.

2. Burn Agarbattis

The smelly smoke has been used for meditation and spiritual purposes for a long time. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of bad energy from your home. The amount of energy will go up. Nag Champa is best used at home for meditation because it makes the atmosphere peaceful.

3. Use salt & Colours

Keep a dish of sea salt in every room of your house to get rid of bad energy. Sea salt rocks can also be put in the corners.

It is very important to use colours that go with the different directions and elements. If you paint the north wall of your house red, you will miss out on new job opportunities. If you paint the southeast direction blue or black, your wealth will go down. Colours have always had a big effect on how we feel in our own homes. Vastu shastra says that blue is a good colour for the northwest, north, and northeast, orange for the southeast, red for the south, and yellow for the southwest.

4. Don’t have too much stuff and broken dishes.

Too many Household items and clothes can hold a lot of energy, which may affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. If there is a lot of stuff around, you might feel tired and angry. Vital life energy should flow freely, but it can’t if there are things in the way. And when it isn’t, it can hurt our health and our ability to make money. So, getting rid of stuff in your home can bring money into your life.

Ceramics, glasses, and other items that are broken/cracked, or stained are often put in storage and then forgotten. Keep in mind that all of the cooking tools you have are in great shape. If something breaks by accident, it’s best to get rid of it, so you don’t have to deal with sadness and bad feelings.

5. Setting up Religious Signs

Setting religious sculptures, paintings, and other artefacts on display in your home can help keep bad things away. People are also told to pray and chant to bring in good things.

Some of these energy-cleansing methods may seem hard at first, but with the help of a qualified Vastu consultant, you can master them and live a peaceful and happy life.



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