5 Reasons why you should buy property from a real estate consultancy?

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Feb 23, 2023 |
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Everyone has a dream of owning a property or two; be it residential, commercial or any other. And it takes careful planning and substantial investment – sometimes of lifelong – to realize this dream.

And the dream can very quickly turn into a nightmare if you make the wrong choices – either of the property or the one selling it. Chances are you might get lured into a deal that is too good to be true. Or maybe your property agent has promised you the moon even on the razor-thin budget you proposed. Be careful! It’s one of the first signs of a fraud in the making. But as they say ‘there are many ways to skin a cat.’ And no matter how watchful you are, maybe the agent has one more trick up his sleeve to part you with your hard-earned money.

So what to do to save your hard-earned money, and peace of mind, from going to waste? Trust someone with expertise, experience, and institutions in matters of real estate. And who is more worthy of your trust than an established Real Estate Consultancy?

5 Benefits of buying a house or a property from a real estate consultancy

  • It’s easy and convenient :- People nowadays have more money on them than seconds to spend with their families. Taking time out for discovery, inspection, and verification of property is a tedious job. Moreover, you also need the know-how to establish the authenticity of the property, a proper funding plan that deals with taxation the best, and other procedural intricacies of real estate deals. And let me tell you honestly that these procedures can get long, complex, complicated and irritating. Hiring a property consultant makes buying, selling or renting a property an easy and convenient experience.

  • They minimize fraud & discrepancies :- Reputed real estate consultants are not one of those fly-by-night roadside property-agents who either fight or flight after a deal-gone-wrong. They care for customers as they want to remain in this business for long. With a large team of experienced and dedicated professionals, they have all the tools to eliminate or minimize frauds and discrepancies. When you contact them for a real estate query, you get authentic offers with transparent and well laid-out transaction procedures.

  • Great deals Galore :- Big realty consultancies offer lucrative deals from time to time, especially around festivals like Holi & Diwali. Who knows the dream property that was over-budget a few weeks ago has suddenly become affordable? Then there are special loyalty deals for existing customers. You don’t get such deals with local roadside property agents. Even if they have one, it’s rarely on the property you have set your gaze on.

  • They are More professional with great customer satisfaction and after-sale service :- A property agent or a road-side consultant are interested in only one thing – earning commission on your property. Don’t go to them if customer-satisfaction or after-sale service is your priority. They don’t give two hoots about it. Even if they do, they lack calibre and capital for the same. Whereas a reputed real estate consultancy has the will, calibre, and capital to offer customer-satisfaction and after-sale service.

  • Wide range of services :- Realty consultancies are not limited to selling, buying or renting properties. There is much more to them. They offer home loan assistance, property portfolio management, furnishing for homes, interiors for commercial spaces, tenant verification, rent collection, pest control, and even rooftop solar panel installation. It will be interesting to see what more services they will venture into in future.



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