4 Tips to Make Your Home Pet-friendly

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4 Tips to Make Your Home Pet-friendly

Pets are your extended families. The moment you choose to bring a fuzzy, little pet to your home, it fills you with happiness. But before you familiarize your little furry friend to your family, you need to ensure that your home is safe and relaxed, for your little extended family member. These include things that are not threatening either for your family members or for the pets.

In the following passages, we have enlisted are a few tips, which enable you to make your household pet-friendly.

A Dog Room

In case you’ve got a dog, you’ll have included into your home, a room specifically for your canine buddy thereby making it clean and re-entry made easier. The best thing to do; is to use your current laundry rooms or the mudrooms to retain your dog-related supplies, leashes, and more. It can be prepared with customizable features like a dog shower.

Harmful Items

Your average home might possess different objects, which are dangerous for pets. Especially if there are fairly a lot of things in their homes which can be dangerous for the pets. The furniture having very sharp edges, or ornaments that most likely fall and break into pieces. Wirings and electrical goods need to be kept away from rodents like the Rabbits, who are known to chew off everything including wires. To keep hazardous objects from your pets, you should look at things from your pet’s perspective.


Whether it’s a cat or it’s a dog or some other pet, rugs and flooring are things that you should keep your home’s carpets or rugs free. Ensure that your home possesses hardwood floors or easily cleanable surfaced tiles. While it’s okay to deck your contemporary home with beautiful rugs and carpets, avoiding furnishing your home’s floor with rugs and /or carpets could prove to be harmful to your pets. With dogs or cats, rugs can lead to amassing hair and bacteria which could prove to be highly pet-unfriendly. Moreover, the presence of harmful bacteria could also be detrimental to the home owner’s health.

The aforementioned points to make your home pet-friendly is a way to show that you care for your pets. After all, they deserve to be loved as any other creature does. Pets require space just like you and me. Therefore, finding a spacious home is necessary. Are you looking for a spacious apartment somewhere in Bangalore? Wealth Clinic has some exclusive deals for you to check out. For additional information, how about a chat over phone? Contact us now!



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