DDA plans Two Sectors Model under Land Pooling Policy

DDA plans Two Sectors Model under Land Pooling Policy

The Delhi Development Authority plans to develop two sectors model with every area of 200 hectares under the land pooling policy. This plan is likely to be operational soon. Since the launch of the land pooling policy, DDA has pooled approximately 6500 -hectares of land parcel.

The theory of two sectors model in Delhi will set a developing path for the residential sector.

In February last year, the Delhi Development Authority launched a single-window system for landing pooling. This online portal for purpose of land pooling was scheduled to be opened till August but the average response from landowners pushed DDA to extend the deadline till September. However, the deadline was again extended till February 2020, for the areas where the landowners reacted in favor of LLP i.e. the land pooling policy.

A DDA official said this portal is open for the localities that are close to the eligibility criteria as defined in the notified Land Pooling Regulations till February 15, 2020.

So far, 6,113 landowners submitted applications under the land pooling policy and the DDA has registered 6,449 open-plots till now. The maximum number of localities fall under Zone N with 3,294 hectares. This zone holds 50% of the development area in the city. The next in line is Zone L with 1,659 hectares of land followed by Zone P-II with 1,261 hectares, Zone K -I with 231 hectares and Zone J with 4 hectares.

The official also said the mapping of pooled land via GIS technique is going on by the Delhi Development Authority to assess the eligibility of the sectors. The same sectors also have to get the verification done from the Delhi Government.

The expansion of land pooling and development of infrastructure has led the authority to commence planning of Sector 20 and 21 in Zone N. These localities fall close to Puth Khurd.

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