Colour it Right: Vastu Tips to Choose Perfect Colours for a Home

Colour it Right: Vastu Tips to Choose Perfect Colours for a Home

Almost every person has a colour palate in mind when it comes to choosing paint colour for the home. However, taking a clue from Vastu Shastra for perfect house painting colour combinations is a wise decision. Being the traditional science of architecture, Vastu helps to bring positivity home. So, here are the key tips to choose perfect house painting colour combinations.

  • North-East Direction – Light blue is amongst the popular living room colours suggested by Vastu Shastra as it lets positivity travel across the home. This colour helps you stay calm.
  • East Direction – According to Vastu Shastra, White and light blue are the perfect house colours to keep the environment happy. These home interior colour schemes absorb good energies and uplift your mood.
  • South-East Direction – Being directly related to the fire element, Vastu Shastra suggests you prefer house colour selection in the shades of Orange and Pink. These house painting colours are believed to channelize energy.
  • North Direction – Vastu Shastra advice you to incorporate green or pistachio green house colors as they indicate prosperity. These shades of green colour offer positive vibes that push you perform better.
  • North-West Direction – Being the zone of air element, White, light grey and cream are the house painting colors to choose.
  • West Direction – If you think about how to choose paint colours for the home especially for the West direction, then Vastu Shastra suggests you opt for a blue or white house painting designs and colors.
  • South-West Direction – The house painting scheme for this direction as per Vastu Shastra includes peach, mud, or light brown colour.
  • South Direction – Vastu Shastra suggests red as the perfect house colour for this direction.

Apart from choosing the right colour for the living room, you are suggested to balance colours for the bedroom according to Vastu Shastra. The vibes of other rooms also reflect on the overall life of a person. So, here know the Vastu Shastra tips to choose the perfect home interior colour scheme.

  • Master Bedroom – South-West direction is best suitable for having a master bedroom. Vastu Shastra for the master bedroom suggests blue colour paint for this area.
  • Guest Room – You are suggested to design this room in the North-West direction and get this room painted in the white colour.
  • Kids Room – Ideally positioned in the North-West direction, the room of young brains is ruled by Moon. Hence, Vastu Shastra suggests white colour paint for Kids room.
  • Home Exterior Colour – The perfect of all is yellow with a touch of white. You can also select pastel orange colour for home exterior. These colours ensure positivity for all sun signs.

Remember, take advice for a Vastu expert or a consultant before choosing black, red and pink colours as these shades do not go well for every person. Vastu Shastra also suggest you select light colour tones as the dark colours attracts negativity largely.

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