Women Changing Facade of Indian Real Estate

Celebrate Her Power: Women Changing Facade of the Indian Real Estate Market

Women are making their presence felt in almost every industry and the Indian realty market is also experiencing a change. Today when the entire world is celebrating International Women’s Day, we let you know how She is taking over the charge in the Indian property market. After being a daunting area by the male counterparts, women are also contributing across the sections of real estate market in India. So, scroll down the blog and read more to understand her success.

Women professionals in Indian Real Estate

With women in the driving seat, the Indian real estate market is witnessing a graph moving in the upward direction. More women graduates are paving their way into the property market and interestingly the feminine power is happy to be a part of the sales team. However, women today do not hesitate in being independent property broker/agent and consultants.

According to the report of NAR i.e. the National Association of Realtors, there are 56 percent of women licensed brokers, 63 percent women work as full-time sales agents and 69 percent women are registered as part-time agents in the real estate domain. The presence of women executives in the property market regains buyer’s confidence as female professionals are better at addressing concerns about the entire process of home buying.

Women Home Buyers

Women are proving themselves proficient in work across the industries and this empowers them to be financially independent. According to a report, there are approximately 32% of women homebuyers across the top eight metro cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. Nearly 74% of women have their say in the home buying decision. There are several benefits offered to women home buyers in India and this is the reason behind the flourishing property business in the country.

Women Developers

The journey of women from the living room to the board room is not at all easy but their determination made everything possible. Today, a lot of women are taking important decisions to make the real estate market touch new heights. The Indian real estate is now having women workforce at all levels.

The women professionals are working hard to break the stereotype that only the male counterparts are best at work. However, the backing from families to work in the Indian real estate sector is also letting the women fly high and achieve success in this male-dominated space.

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