Beautifying Your Home, the Feng Shui Way

Previously, we had spoken about decorating your office space in resonance with Feng Shui. However, today we would like to talk about home decors from a Feng Shui perspective. Home decors is an integral part of designing your home. It stands as a focal point in converting a house to a home. You could decorate your home beautifully with different Feng Shui articles. We’ll talk about some of these articles in this write-up.

Flowering the Home

Fresh plants and flowers are major Qi (Chi) or life-energy generators for your home. Fragrant fresh flowers bring in cheer and unfold the spiritual and physical stagnancy of life. Make sure the flower is well arranged and posted in beautiful vases. On expiry, these flowers should be cast out to prevent the entry of negative Qi.

Vases & Vessels

You can enhance your home’s positivity by adding vases of different elements of the earth. Ceramic vases bring in strong and positive earth energy. Metallic ones can bring in beauty and joy. Finally, Wooden ones and fiery red ones bring in energy as well as inspiration and good will.

Green Home-My Home

As we’ve already stated, keeping fresh greenery can bring in good Qi, try avoiding plants that are spikey and thorny or thorny or have sharp leaves. Feng Shui advises that the plants kept in homes should be kept hale and hearty because a sick or a dead plant brings in negate Qi.

Welcome Mats To Welcome Positivity

One of the simplest yet profound Feng Shui articles is the usage of the Welcome Mats. These mats bring good energy into your life and bring you fame. It is necessary that your welcome mat is created with the right proportion (I.e. neither too big nor too small). Black and/or red meats are excellent colors that bring in positive Feng Shui energies. However, brown ones bring in nourishment, grey ones bring in supportive people into your life. Keep your doormat clean, free from dust particles, in order for it to seem more homely and welcoming.

Spiritual Statues, Pictures, Thankas bring in good Qi

Whatever your religious beliefs might be, keeping spiritual reminders like statues, pictures, wall arts, thankas, conches; bring in positive energies. These reminders are often sources of good Qi, for people; whether you come in or without.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, as the old saying goes and that keeping your homes beautiful, is a way of approaching life with positivity. Let’s take a step further in the ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission by making our homes clean, fresh and positive.

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