5 Tips to Design A Beautiful Study Room

A study is one of the most important rooms in your home. Whether it is for your work from home or if you’re a bookworm like me; it is the perfect place for you to concentrate on work and/or reading. Studies are perfect spaces for your children to take online classes or complete their home-works.

Given below are some of the beautiful ways how you can decorate your study rooms and/or your work from home spaces:

Appropriate Environment:

Since this place is where you want to work or study, it should have minimal noise and lesser human interruption. Create your study with the environment with which you gel bet. For some, open collaborative space work best, while for others; a quiet space works well. Set up book racks or may be, bookshelves and place a wooden chair and a table. You could decorate the spaces with small plants like miniature bamboos or money plant. You could spray some room fresheners with the lavender scent which works best for concentration.

Furniture Placement:

While creating the perfect space for your Study, you need to select the appropriate furniture that both produces a decent comfort level and helps you to concentrate. The desk should be between your waist and ribcage and the chair should fit the height of you desk. Also, check if you can rest your feet on the ground and you don’t have to hunch your back to lean to your laptop.


Spending long hours before your laptop could often prove to be strenuous to, your eyes. And if you have poor eyesight, reading in a poor-quality lighting would also be disadvantageous to your eyes. This is where you need to see that your study room has proper lighting facilities. While natural lighting is best, without the same; you can install strong lightings to help you with your work or reading.


The Study room shouldn’t be so stringent and boring that it puts you or your child to sleep while working, reading, or studying. You could decorate the room with those posters or pictures or artwork, or any such decors that inspire you. Since you or your child would have to spend a considerable amount of time there; it may well be an enjoyable one. Gazing at a photo of your favorite pet or family or even at an inspirational quote or person could help engender a new paper idea.

Colors Combination:

In our blog on color therapy, we have already stated the importance of using colors in rooms to generate concentration in the minds of people. The same goes for your study. While you needn’t change the wall paints, specific hues even on furniture or add-ons, can be of great help. Red or orange often helps keep your mind alert. Yellow or red generates positivity. Blue is for intelligence and communication, and so on.

Designing anything from the scratch can be both, wonderfully creative as well as challenging task to do. However, understanding what goes well with your study and the ambiance of your home is something to consider. Having said that, considering an investment in Urbtech Xaviers would be an excellent opportunity if you’re looking for a spacious home in a promising locality. We at Wealth Clinic have excellent deals for you to select from. This exclusive project offers 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, and 5BHK homes which would enable you to select that perfect study room for you and your children. 

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